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‘LPBW’ Audrey Roloff Wrinkles Disappeared, How?

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Former Little People, Big World cast member, Audrey Roloff shares quite a bit on her Instagram account. She takes the time to show her followers more of her family. There have been fans that feel that she does have a tendency to overshare though. Along with her husband, Jeremy Roloff, Audrey has taken her posting to another level. In fact, there have been moments when she has shared too much and fans felt as if she was violating her family’s privacy. As her fans continue to follow her on social media, they have noticed some changes in her face and they are curious about what happened.

Audrey Roloff And Her Facial Features

Audrey’s Instagram account is filled with photos documenting her entire life. She shares every moment with her children that she can capture and this has gotten a lot of backlash. There have been moments where she shared her parenting failures, but also shared her cleaning disasters. Audrey Roloff is constantly getting backlash for her posts and now her disappearing wrinkles have come into question.

The filters that Audrey uses confuse her fans. There have been moments where she looks orange or as if she has had a spray tan. In recent Instagram Stories, she actually looks as if she is using too many filters. In fact, her fingers look as if they have been sprayed tanned too. Additionally, her face looks as if the wrinkles have just magically vanished.

Audrey Roloff- Instagram
Audrey Roloff- Instagram

Even though Audrey Roloff loves to show off her selfies on Instagram, many Redditors have started to point out the filters that she is using on her posts. One of them wrote, “Why do her forehead wrinkles disappear suddenly in the middle of her forehead? She is really using a very heavy face filter!” In addition to this comment, another wrote, “Why are her hands so orange? Spray tan? Cutting carrots? It’s so weird.”

Oversharing At Its Finest

When it comes to it, Audrey Roloff’s fans do feel as if she has been posting too much of her personal life. Along with Jeremy, she has been working on self-help books for couples. These books help married couples with being more intentional with one another. Audrey gets a lot of hate for her posts about being intentional. There have been many moments where Jeremy has looked pretty annoyed with her posting as well.

Audrey and Jeremy left Little People, Big World in order to raise their family out of the spotlight. However, it seems that they are in the spotlight quite a bit on social media. The couple works online as influencers and this is how they have been bringing money in. It is clear that Audrey Roloff enjoys sharing her family with her fans and will continue to do so.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff, Instagram

Do you think that Audrey shares too much with her fans? Let us know what you think about her posts below in the comments. Stay here at TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World.


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