‘Jeopardy!’ Player Insults Mayim Bialik’s Hosting Abilities In Post

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Mayim Bialik gets backlash again. This time, the criticism came from one Jeopardy! player who insulted her hosting abilities. The contestant didn’t hold back on their feelings about the new permanent host along with Ken Jennings. Keep on reading to learn more.

Jeopardy! player slams Mayim Bialik’s hosting abilities

Jake DeArruda has a lot to celebrate right now. He beat out the six-day champ, Troy Meyer. Yet, he has something else on his mind. Jake took to his personal website to slam Mayim Bialik. In his latest blog post published on Wednesday, January 25, Jake shared his hosting preference.

Mayim Bialik [YouTube]
The contestant talked about his experience on the classic game show. He didn’t realize that it was “going to be harder than he thought it would be.” Jake had no idea that he would go up against a tough contestant like Troy either. Troy quickly became a favorite among fans when he was the show’s biggest winner with $214,802 total.

Jake changed that when he defeated Troy. He pumped his chest when he beat out the delivery dispatcher from Vermont. Jake felt the pressure since the previous champ was already popular in the trivia world. He recognized Troy’s name “from high-end trivia websites.”

Mayim Bialik & Ken Jennings [YouTube]
The contestant feels that he had a better chance of winning with Ken Jennings as the host. He was aware of who the “host is going to be” before filming. Jake started out by saying that he “will NOT talk about my opinions on the hosting debacle.” However, he didn’t hold back on his feelings about Mayim Bialik.

“I was prepared by watching mostly Mayim Bialik episodes to try and get familiar with her.. ‘timing’… and cadence when reading clues,” Jake explained. “It was hard. She is not an experienced presenter. It’s obvious to close watchers that she mispronounces words, blows through punctuation, and is genuinely inconsistent in her pacing.”

Jake DeArruda prefers Ken Jennings as the host

Jake went on to support Ken, who is the game show’s winningest contestant of all time with 74 victories in 2004. In 2022, he was named host with Mayim Bialik. This caused controversy among fans of the long-running game show. Mayim has received her share of criticism for her hosting abilities.

Ken, meanwhile, has been in trivia for most of his life, so he knows the proper words to emphasize and generally seems consistent with his pacing,” Jake continued. “This is important for buzzer timing purposes. You cannot ring in on Jeopardy! until a human presses the button to activate the signaling devices on stage.”

Jake DeArruda On Jeopardy [YouTube]
Previous Jeopardy! players like Amy Schneider and Mattea Roach also prefer Ken. More contestants are coming forward and sharing their experiences with the show. They also have preferences when it comes to who’s hosting. What do you think of Jake insulting Mayim Bialik’s hosting abilities? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. I don’t like Mayim as a host. I stopped watching Celebrity Jeopardy but I watched last week and she was laughing reading the clue, she is ridiculous. Changing her hair an clothes has not made a difference.

  2. Troy is right. Mayim’s cadence is off-putting. Ken studied Alex’s pacing and rhythm meticulously and does a good job of emulating that style on air.

  3. Mayim doesn’t have it as a jeopardy host. She doesn’t have a connection with the players. Kind of an uncomfortable attitude. Don’t watch celebrity jeopardy anymore.

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