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‘Extreme Sisters’: Is Jessica TOO Involved In Sister’s Pregnancy?

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Jessica and Christina are back for Season 2 of Extreme Sisters. They are incredibly close, hence the premise of the series. However, Jessica is determined to be there for her sister’s pregnancy as if it were her baby. Will this cause problems down the line? Read on for more details.

Extreme Sisters: Is Jessica TOO Involved In Sister’s Pregnancy?

Jessica and Christina are finally back on Season 2 of Extreme Sisters, and some significant changes have occurred. These twins are quite odd as fans of the series already are well aware. Last season, they admitted they would sniff one another to ensure they cycled their menstruations together. So, if one twin got their period before the other, they worked out a system to try to make sure that they got the flow going. This was just one of the oddities of the ladies.

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Now, in episode 2, Jessica and Christina are back on the show and it is a whole new ballgame. According to Distractify, Christina is expecting. This is her first baby with her husband, John so it is a big deal for him. Yet, this is her third child in general. of course, John is ready to be a father and experience the big moments, including the birth of his child. He has no idea how involved Auntie Jessica plans to be in the entire experience. Aside from them being twins, there’s another reason why she wants to be so involved. Christina is not planning on having any more children after baby number three so this is extra special.

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She has her own plans as to how she wants to have her child, initially, Christina wanted a woodland birth. However, John said no to that one so she will have a home birth. Plus, Jessica will be completely involved in this birth. “I’m gonna be right there next to her, pulling the baby out, putting the baby on her chest. Like, I am fully immersing into this power of womanhood,” Jessica shares. She tells John in the preview that she will be right there but this does not sit well with him at all.

Not The Only Drama

Christina and Jessica are not the only sisters bringing the drama to this season of Extreme Sisters. Twins Jordan and Randi are involved with twin brothers. However, only one twin is married so the other is waiting for a ring. The sisters plan to keep living together and if they both aren’t married to the boys, this might be a problem. Then, of course, there’s Anna and Lucy who are dating the same man and are desperate to have a baby. Yet, they are starting to morph into one person which could cause a struggle in their relationship.

Are you ready for the return of Christin and Jessica? Let us know and watch Extreme Sisters Mondays on TLC.

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  1. He said he didn’t want baby now she got pregnant on purpose. He didn’t seem into that at all. Jessica forced it. It will never last

    1. I absolutely agree and she’s way too pushy and involved. In my opinion she kinda took away from her sisters pregnancy u know…

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