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‘SW’ Star Christine Brown Feels Awkward Dating Online

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown admitted dating online is very awkward. Obviously, this was a taboo subject in her family for a very long time. However, now that she has been single for almost two years, she is ready to start dating. Yet, she does have her limits. Read on for more details.

SW Star Christine Brown Feels Awkward Dating Online

Christine Brown is ready to get back out there and start dating. Yet, online dating is something that she does not feel totally comfortable with. Keep in mind, her family went through a horrible debacle with catfishing nearly a decade ago. When she was still married to Kody, her former sister wife, Meri was engaging in an online relationship. Unfortunately, it was actually with a woman, something Meri did not know, and rocked the whole family. Christine’s daughter, Mykelti recently spoke out about the whole situation and how she truly felt about what Meri did.

Christine Brown/YouTube

As for Christine Brown, she took to Instagram to seek advice about dating at fifty. This is really her first time being single after her divorce from Kody Brown after over twenty-five years of marriage. She wrote this to her fans: “I’m dating again!! Holy. Hell. Awkward. Dating online is crazy! Any advice for dating at 50?!” They all immediately had thoughts about online dating, some good and some bad.

Christine Brown/IG
Christine Brown/IG

“No online for me. I believe love finds you,” one fan said. However, another was quick to point out that it is 2023. Therefore, this is just a normal way of meeting people. Another added: “I can’t stand online dating. I’m not so desperate for a partner that I’ll go through it again. It’s like interviewing person after person. I’m like you, if it happens, it happens.” Yet, one follower had a positive spin on online dating: “I found my husband online. Love found me. Don’t be hating it when you haven’t tried it. You could be miss finding love cause you don’t want to try going online.”

What Will She Do?

Christine Brown clearly has a lot of support from her fans in terms of finding love again. Everyone just wants to see her get what she was deprived of by being married to Kody. Furthermore, she spent years putting herself last. Now, she is finally taking care of herself and making herself a priority which is vital. Any man who gets to be with her is extremely lucky yet she will hopefully have someone watching out for her if she does pursue online dating again.

Do you think Christine Brown should explore all avenues of dating? Let us know in the comments below.

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