Kelly Jo Bates’ Honest Confession Breaks Fans’ Hearts

Kelly Jo Bates - YouTube - Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates fans’ hearts were broken after hearing Kelly Jo Bates’ honest confession. The mom of 19 shared something that she hasn’t been so open about in the past. Now that fans know how she really feels, they are sad for her. So, what did she spill? Keep reading for all of the details.

Kelly Jo Bates makes an honest confession.

Though Bringing Up Bates was canceled, fans get updates about the family’s life via social media and YouTube. This past week, Trace and Lydia Bates shared a new video, and Kelly Jo made an appearance. In the video, Trace and Lydia dropped an exciting surprise on Kelly Jo. They told her that she would get to enjoy a romantic date night with Gil Bates on their trip to Colorado. Trace and Lydia treated them to a train ride and Josie and Kelton surprised them with a fancy dinner.

Kelly Jo Bates - Trace Bates YouTube - Bringing Up Bates
Kelly Jo Bates – Trace Bates YouTube – Bringing Up Bates

When Lydia and Trace were filming Kelly Jo, however, she shared something very open and honest. She said that she was wearing her “fat clothes” and was self-conscious in front of the camera. When talking about how she was preparing a meal and how she was making it healthier, she admitted, “I mean I know I don’t look healthy but…” She also asked Trace about the camera angles and how she looked.

You can check out Trace and Lydia’s video below.

Bringing Up Bates fans’ hearts are broken.

After watching Trace and Lydia’s new YouTube video, fans took to Reddit to discuss it. Naturally, the topic of Kelly’s body image issues came up. Many admitted that they felt sad or uncomfortable hearing Kelly Jo Bates talk about herself so negatively. They hope that her daughters don’t hear her speak that way. Some also pointed out that she looks pretty good for being 56 years old and having 19 kids.

One fan commented, “I’ve noticed that too and cringe a bit when I hear her negative self talk. It’s gotten bad in the past few years and I suspect being surrounded by her glamorous daughters and having them label her as plus size at BSB can’t help her anxiety about her appearance.”

Someone else added, “I think she’s super self conscious of the fact that their religion tells them to stay trim.”

“It’s terrible for the girls to constantly hear this. She does it all the time and it’s literally the last thing I would think about,” said one more Reddit user.

Hopefully, Kelly will read some of the fans’ nice comments about her body and start speaking more positively. Fans are especially concerned about her young daughters and how they may feel when she speaks this way.

So, do you agree with the fans who feel sad over Kelly Jo Bates’ raw confession? Does it surprise you that she was so open and honest about her feelings? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

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