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Deck The Hallmark Podcast Fans Vote This Christmas Movie As The Best of 2022

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Although Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas just ended at the beginning of the year, there is still a lot of chatter about the best movie of 2022. Just this week The Deckies aired. This is the annual awards program where the Deck The Hallmark podcast fans voted on their favorite Christmas movie, stars, and more. Although there were over 40 movies to choose from, there was one that stood out.

Was it Three Wise Men And A Baby, the top-viewed comedy that starred Hallmark hunks Andrew W. Walker, Tyler Hynes, and Paul Campbell? Likewise, was it Haul Out The Holly starring Christmas Queen Lacey Chabert, and Wes Brown, another top-viewed movie? Chiefly, could the top 2022 Christmas movie be something else?

Therefore, which Hallmark Christmas movie was the overwhelming favorite of 2022?

Photo: Lacey Chabert, Wes Brown Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Fred Hayes
Photo: Lacey Chabert, Wes Brown Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Fred Hayes

Which 2022 Hallmark Christmas Movie Got Top Votes?

On Thursday, the Deck The Hallmark podcast broadcast The Deckies. Here are their winners:

  • I Give Great Advice Award – Best supporting cast member: Melissa Peterman (Haul out the Holly)
  • It’s a Small World Award – Best child actor: Averie Peters (Christmas Cookie Catastrophe)
  • Sleeper of the Year Award – Movie that Most Exceeded Expectations: Ghosts of Christmas Always
  • Friends are Friends Forever Award – Best ensemble cast: Haul Out the Holly
  • Trace Talks Tech Award – Best use of technology: Ghosts of Christmas Always — How they disappear/angel powers
  • Hallmark Podcast of the Year NOT Named Deck the Hallmark Award: Hallmark Movie Drafts
  • Intern Award – Best podcast recurring host: Doug Jones
  • Talking Like Grown-ups Award: Best Writer(s): Zac Hug & Annika Marks (Ghosts of Christmas Always)
  • Leave ‘Em Wanting More Award – Movie that deserves a sequel: Ghosts of Christmas Always
  • Reindeer Don’t Fly Award – Most disappointing twist/misunderstanding: Christmas Bedtime Stories — That the husband isn’t dead

The Remaining Deckies Awards

  • Big Feels, Maybe Six Award – Best scene: The Holiday Sitter,  Jonathan’s character talking to his sister about marriage, etc.
  • Silent Night Award – Best dance to a Christmas carol/song: Three Wise Men And A Baby Dance
  • HallStar Award – Best recurring podcast guest: Neal Bledsoe
  • Kissing Big Ones Award: Holland Roden & Tyler Hynes (Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas)
  • Here for the Bits – Best Deck the Hallmark Bit of the year: Not My Panda
  • Best Director: Rich Newey (Ghosts of Christmas Always)
  • Tell ‘Em About the Fancy Shoes Award. Most blatant/ridiculous/ubiquitous display of a product: Straight Talk Wireless (Undercover Holiday)
  • Rookie of the Year Award – Favorite New to Hallmark actor: Ian Harding (Ghosts of Christmas Always)
  • Most Razzle Dazzle Award Best lead couple: Jonathan Bennett & George Krissa (The Holiday Sitter)
  • Dumpster Fire Award – Worst movie: Christmas Bedtime Stories
  • Smolder to Burn Award – Best male performance: Tyler Hynes (Three Wise Men And A Baby)
  • The REAL Hallmark Queen Award – Best female performance: Lacey Chabert (Haul Out the Holly)
  • Kringle Award – Best Movie: Ghosts of Christmas Always

Of the 23 awards given, seven were given to Ghosts of Christmas Always. This movie stars Bold and the Beautiful alum Kim Matula, and Pretty Little Liars alum Ian Harding. Most of all, with a talented supporting cast that includes Reginald VelJohnson, Lori Tan Chinn, Beth Leavel, and Christopher Innvar, this Christmas Carol reimagining premiered on Sunday, October 30, at the very beginning of the season.

Moreover, it should be noted that Three Wise Men And A Baby, The Holiday Sitter, and Haul Out The Holly also shone. However, it was Ghosts of Christmas Present that was the most favorite.

What Is Ghosts Of Christmas Present About?

According to the Hallmark synopsis, “Katherine (Matula) works for the Department of Restoring Christmas Spirit as a Ghost of Christmas Present. She loves her job, visiting Earth every Christmas to help one unsuspecting soul rediscover their Christmas spirit. But this year has something unusual in store for her. Along with her co-workers, Ghost of Christmas Past Arlene (Tan Chinn) and Ghost of Christmas Future Roy (VelJohnson), their assignment is a man named Peter (Harding). They’re not sure sure why they’ve been assigned to him because, unlike their typical cases, Peter’s Christmas spirit is on point. When it appears that Katherine and Peter just might be fated for each other, their assignment starts to head down an unusual path toward none of them could have expected.”

Ian Harding, Kim Matula-Photo: Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Patrick Randak
Ian Harding, Kim Matula-Photo: Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Patrick Randak

Basically, the synopsis helps to share the overall story. Additionally, this movie has some of the same sorts of magical realism of DNA as such classics as Heaven Can Wait, and Field Of Dreams. Therefore, viewers who love those types of movies will love romance and destiny in this Hallmark instant classic.

Is Ghosts Of Christmas Always one of your favorites?


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