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‘Curse Of Oak island’ List Of Items Found At Lot 5

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When the crew from The Curse of Oak Island got the rights to explore Lot 5, fans got excited. However, this was explored by other treasure hunters and there is actually a large list of items that they already found there.

Here is a look at a list of the treasure already found on Lot 5 on Oak Island.

Curse of Oak Island gets the rights to Lot 5

Before the Lagina brothers finally purchased the rights to Lot 5, explorer Robert Young owned it. Young and the Lagina brothers had a rough relationship and as a result of bad feelings, they wouldn’t work together on this part of the island. However, Young died and the Lagina brothers finally acquired the land.

Young acquired the land from Fred Nolan, so the Lagina brothers are not the first or even second treasure hunters to explore this part of the island. This means it is nowhere realistic to think that there wasn’t a lot of treasure found there already.

The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

Throughout a decade, Young discovered everything from old coins to buttons and more in this area, but nothing significant. However, there is now a list of items showing everything that he found on that part of Oak Island.

A Redditor posted a link to a site that has the items listed on it and some commenters joked that Young, or someone who knows him, might have planted the items that Lagina found almost instantly upon heading into Lot 5.

Remember that coin that Gary Drayton found instantly? This was not the first coin found in Lot 5. On November 25, 1998, Robert Young found a Spanish silver coin dated 1781 in Lot 5. He reported it had no recovery damage and graded it as XF.

The items already found on Lot 5

While the finds from Lot 5 on Oak Island show nothing about the treasure that the Lagina brothers have been searching for, there are some interesting items listed as found on the newest portion of the island for fans of the History Channel series.

The Curse of Oak Island YouTube

All the items found here were from between July 1987 and June 2008. Robert Young found them all and referenced he did no damage to any finds, using only hand tools to retrieve them.

This included an ornate stamped with a Cricket Badger motif, gilded with gold. He found an oak root burl with a copper-clad bullet inside it. He found the outer shell of a button with the stamp “Canada Militia” on it. Young also found a unique large hornfels rock found with the notation that it “rings like a bell” when hit with a mallet. You can check out pictures of the finds here.

What are your thoughts about the previous items found on Lot 5 of Oak Island? Do you think the crew from the hit reality series will actually find anything new and notable there? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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