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Christine Brown Hits Fans Up For Advice On Dating At 50

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Christine Brown is ready to date again at 50. However, the Sister Wives star was also married for half of her life. Therefore, she is asking for some help in this area of her life. So, she is going to those she trusts the most- her fans. What is she asking exactly and what feedback are they giving her? Read on for more details.

Christine Brown Hits Fans Up For Advice On Dating At 50

The mother of six has said that she was dating for fun. However, it appears that Christine Brown is much more serious about finding the right person now. Her fans have long wanted her to move on and find someone who truly appreciates her and her zest for life. She loves to go on adventures and recently went rock climbing with her daughters, Truely and Ysabel. So, Christine has taken to her Instagram to seek advice from her fans and followers on how to date at fifty.

Christine Brown/YouTube

In a new Instagram post, she wrote: “I’m dating again!! Holy. Hell. Awkward. Dating online is crazy! Any advice for dating at 50?!” She posed outside in a series of photos wearing a cropped leather coat, black ankle boots, skintight black pants, and a black shirt with a long necklace. Christine Brown looked more than ready to take on the dating scene. In one photo, she had her coat slung over her shoulder while she was caught laughing in another.

Christine Brown/IG
Christine Brown/IG

Fans were quick to comment on the post with their advice. “Don’t settle and don’t ignore the red flags!” one fan shared. Another added: “No online for me. I believe love finds you.” Online seems like a taboo subject after her former sister wife, Meri was catfished almost a decade ago. One follower told Christine: “know your worth and double it. don’t settle. have fun.” This all seems like pretty solid advice for anyone getting back into the dating game at any age.

A Rough Road

Christine Brown worked hard to get to where she is aka a happy place. She was in a plural marriage with Kody Brown for over twenty-five years. Unfortunately, things just did not work out. Though she really did love him at the beginning, he married her for all of the wrong reasons. In the end, he favored his fourth wife, Robyn over his other three wives and Christine saw that she was worthy of so much more. She knew exactly what she wanted and what she deserved and decided not to settle. Therefore, she exited the marriage in early 2021, left Flagstaff, and moved to Utah. She has never glowed and beamed more so love is definitely on the horizon.

What advice would you give Christine Brown now that she is dating at fifty, not that age should matter? Let us know in the comments.

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