‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Has Prediction For Her Two Sons

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Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown has got a prediction about her two sons, River and Cove. She finally took Cove home from the hospital on Saturday and now she has the two brothers together for the first time.

Here is what Raiven said about her kids and her predictions for the future.

Raiven Brown sees big things for her kids

Raiven Brown did not have the best pregnancy. She had to deliver River early when it became life-threatening. With her second son, Cove, she was on bed rest since last November. She had a few concerns, but the pregnancy almost went to term with her scheduling a C-section at 38 weeks.

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However, when Cove was born, he struggled to breathe. He ended up being born with premature infant lung disease. While this is something mostly seen in premature babies, Cove was born mostly on time and still had to deal with it. He ended up in NICU with tubes to help him breathe for almost a week. However, big news happened on Saturday.

Raiven took a photo of Cove in a car seat and she was taking him home. That has led to more photos from Cove at home. The cutest saw Cove lying on the bed next to his brother River, who had the sweetest smile on his own face. He held his little brother’s hand and the two looked perfect.

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Raiven posted that “I can tell that we are gonna be friends.” She then wrote in the comments that River said “please have” and then signed “please” when he saw the baby. She noted that River kept saying “awe” and “cute baby” and was super excited. Raiven predicted that River and Cove would be the best of friends.

Bear Brown compliments Raiven’s motherhood

Bear Brown also followed up with a photo of his own. This was a picture of Raiven holding Cove in her arms, looking at him lovingly. Bear let fans know that Cove was out of the NICU and is in his mother’s arms, “where he belongs.”

“I know I’ve said it before, but Raiven is amazing and I couldn’t be more proud of her! She is so strong!” Bear wrote. “And I’m feeling very blessed to have two boys who had rough starts, but are now doing great!!!”

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Bear and Raiven Brown have had a tough year since they got married last January. The two had some problems early on, but when Raiven ended up pregnant, it seemed their marriage was going to work out after all. While they had a separation in December, Bear ended up going to her in Texas and has been with her ever since. Now, they have their second son to raise.

What are your thoughts about Raiven Brown and her two sons, River and Cove? Let us know in the comments below.

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