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‘My Hero Academia’ Character Becomes Top-Ranked

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Who are the top heroes in anime? A recent online poll sought to get an answer to this question by taking it to the court of public opinion. The question of the poll was simply “which anime heroes are your favorite?”

It should come as no surprise to anyone that when talking about anime heroes, My Hero Academia comes to many minds. In many ways, characters from the extremely popular manga and show swept the “Anime! Anime!” site’s online poll. One particularly popular hero took the top spot.

The Top-Ranked Hero

The top-ranking favorite hero at the top of the poll is none other than All Might. It may come as a surprise that the top-ranking hero from the anime is also top-ranking in real life. Mainly because he’s not even the main character of My Hero Academia. The main character of the anime, Deku, actually wound up taking the number 2 spot on the poll, just behind All Might. Other very popular heroes from My Hero Academia took major spots on the poll, as well. Such as Bakugo in 7th place, Todoroki in 11th, and Aizawa AKA Eraserhead in 17th.

my hero academia all might
All Might of ‘My Hero Academia’

With the popularity of My Hero Academia, it honestly seems feasible that almost every popular hero from the show could make it onto this list. Sadly, not a single one of the major female heroes from the show made it. This is a bit surprising, given the popularity of characters like Froppy, Yaoyorozu, and Uraraka. Not to mention the power of more veteran My Hero Academia characters like Midnight, Mirko, and Mt. Lady.

all might regular form my hero academia
All Might of ‘My Hero Academia’ in his powered-down form

Still, there’s no doubt that My Hero Academia is the one title that dominates this poll, with four of its heroes taking up top spots. This shows how much this title dominates the minds of anime fans around the world.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia has been one of the top-ranking anime in the world for the better part of 7 years now. It was the 10th most-streamed anime of 2022. It is almost certain to break the top 10 again in 2023. The anime is currently in its 6th season with no end in sight as the manga is still ongoing as well. So it’s safe to say that My Hero Academia will continue being one of the anime you’re always hearing about for years to come.

Season 6 of My Hero Academia is continuing to air. Every episode of the show currently out is available on Crunchyroll in the US.

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