Meri Brown- TLC

Meri Brown Picks Teeth & Shakes Leg Violently During Interview

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Meri Brown from TLC’s Sister Wives gets a lot of hate for her actions on the show. Viewers watched as she sought the love and affection of an online catfish when her husband, Kody Brown stopped showing her love. Meri has always felt the need to try and win Kody’s love, but he always pushed her away. Her fans continued to tell her to move on, but of course, she tried harder to win his love back. Being the first wife of four had to be a strain on her. With this season of Sister Wives over, fans have started to bring up previous episodes. In one of these episodes, Meri Brown’s behavior has come under fire.

Questions About Meri Brown’s Behavior

As fans of Sister Wives are watching back episodes from the past, Season 9 comes into question. In the fifth episode of the show, during an interview, fans pointed out that Meri Brown’s behavior is odd. In fact, there was an entire Reddit post dedicated to it. A fan of the show posted a clip of the scene in question. While the others are chatting, Meri can’t seem to keep her leg still and there was a point where she is picking at her teeth. This immediately made fans curious as to what was going on with her at that time.

Meri Brown- TLC
Meri Brown- TLC

The scene of Meri definitely looked as if she didn’t want to be there at all. One Redditor wrote, “The foot shaking, picking her teeth with her tongue then later a finger… she just oozes not wanting to be there at all. To be fair, these episodes were specific to a wife and they made everyone feel uncomfortable. She looks way more disinterested, annoyed, and checked out.” A few more of these fans added that this was during the time she would have been talking to the catfish. They mentioned that she probably wanted to talk to them and not be in this interview.

Meri looks completely checked out (S9, E5) from SisterWives

Meri Slammed For Retreat

Meri Brown continues to get backlash for many of her actions. This interview is only the beginning. She has started to get a lot of backlash for the retreat that she has been pushing at her bed and breakfast. Not only have some of her customers given it bad reviews, but they also called the bed and breakfast dirty. Fans were also shocked at how much she was charging. The prices for the retreat began at $4,000 and that was before travel expenses!

Meri Brown/YouTube

As Meri continued to push the retreat, fans noticed that she was leaving some very important details out of it. It didn’t take long for fans to realize that this money-making scheme wasn’t what it was made out to be. Meri Brown may have finally filled the spots for the retreat, but not many fans are buying in.

What do you think of Meri’s actions lately? Would you spend that kind of money on a retreat with a reality TV celeb? Tell us what you think in the comments below. Catch more Sister Wives here at Tv Shows Ace.

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