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‘Life After Lockup’ Blaine Under House Arrest, Lindsey Stunned?

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The preview for the new season of Life After Lockup just dropped. In it, Lindsey Downs and her best friend turned lover Blaine Bailey are a featured couple. It seems like they are quite happy together. However, a bomb is going to drop on Lindsey which could make or break the relationship. Read on for more details.

Life After Lockup Blaine Under House Arrest, Lindsey Stunned?

In the last season of Life After Lockup, Lindsey Downs was released and went to go live with her best friend, Blaine Bailey. Admittedly, he had always had a thing for her. Unfortunately, because he had worked for her when she was in her troubled days, this was frowned upon. Plus, she was in a relationship with Daonte Sierra. However, things started to turn sour with Daonte when he did not respect that she had a life aside from him. It was also made harder since they lived in different states.

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Ultimately, Lindsey found herself falling for Blaine and they ended the season together. Now, they are an official couple and are in the new season. She says that being with him is amazing. Yet, according to Starcasm, things go from great to awful when they begin to get romantic. That is when Lindsey shockingly discovers that Blaine has an ankle monitor on him. It was well-known that Lindsey had charges still against her but did she know that Blaine was still in trouble?

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It appears that she did not know what was going on. Currently, Blaine is under house arrest as a result of two different meth charges. His house arrest began in September 2022 and will conclude in 2025 per the Mississippi Dept. of Corrections. The Life After Lockup star had been arrested in 2020. He was apparently passed out on Main Street and that was where he was discovered. Lindsey may have known about his troubles but not the extent of everything. It is fair to assume that he got the ankle monitor the same day that she discovered it.

Daonte Moved On

It was safe to say that Lindsey and Daonte were not a good match at all. This was his second inmate on Love and Life After Lockup. He started out with Nicolle Bradley who ultimately left him for Tia Simmons. Daonte made his grand return with Lindsey and newfound hope that she was the one. She did not demand anything from him. The only thing she asked was for him to help her post bail for her good friend, TC who had been arrested. Yet, she had the money, he just needed to go to the jail as she did not want to be seen due to her current charges. Daonte has since moved on and hopefully, Blaine and Lindsey can work things out.

Do you think that this secret will spell the end of Blaine and Lindsey or will the season end on a cliffhanger? Let us know and watch the season premiere of Life After Lockup Friday, February 24th on WeTV.

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