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Gwendlyn Brown Goes On DL Says People Profiting Off Her

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Sister Wives cast member, Gwendlyn Brown is very open about her life. When her mother, Christine Brown left her father, Kody Brown, she showed both of them love and support. In fact, Gwen has told her fans that she will not choose a side when it comes to them. She actually shared a very sweet message from her father as a way to show fans that he isn’t as bad as everyone thinks. Additionally, Gwen continues to have a presence on social media. She has also opened a Patreon account where her fans can have Q&A sessions with her. However, it turns out that she is putting a stop to those because of greedy fans.

Are People Making Money Off Of Gwendlyn Brown?

Just recently, there was an interesting Reddit post that shared some of Gwendlyn Brown’s thoughts on other people making money off of her. It turns out that she had quite a following on her Patreon account and this is where she shared a lot of her private details for a fee. It turns out that someone that is part of that group has started to share these details on Reddit. This has made Gwen extremely unhappy and she told her fans that she isn’t sure what to do about it. Additionally, she told her fans that she enjoys talking to them, but she has got to figure out what to do about this.

Gwen Brown- Patreon
Gwen Brown- Patreon

Of course, as soon as her fans read this, they took to Reddit to share what they thought. There were a lot of comments about how the Brown children should just go out and get real jobs instead of using their fame to collect money from fans. One fan added, “This day cannot come soon enough. The amount of grifting this show has begotten is insanity at this point.” There were also fans who felt that if Gwen is getting this type of attention, it is a good thing and she should be happy about it.

Gwen & Her Family

Not only has Gwendlyn Brown been open about her fans, but she has started to talk more about her famous family. She took the time to educate her fans on why Robyn and Kody Brown never got vaccinated. She had many fans ask her about this, so she felt the need to address it. As we saw on Sister Wives, the pandemic really caused a stir in the Brown family. The family dynamic changed a lot because of it and Gwen was able to share her feelings with her fans.

Gwen Brown- Instagram
Gwen Brown- Instagram

However, no matter what happened during the pandemic and with her crazy family, Gwen always tries to find the positives in life. She is engaged to her girlfriend and they are still going strong. Plus, she continues to share with her fans about her life. More so, many of them are still standing by her.

Do you think that Gwen should make money a different way instead of off of her fans? Let us know in the comments below.

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