‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Worried About Gabe Brown

Gabe Brown - episode screencap

Gabe Brown has Alaskan Bush People fans worried about his well-being. While he doesn’t share as much online as his brothers Bear, Matt, and Bam, when he does, he shows his creativity. However, his latest posts have some fans very worried about the reality TV star.

Here is why fans are worried about Gabe and what he has been posting lately.

Gabe Brown has a new video that worried Alaskan Bush People fans

Gabe Brown has been posting some of his more creative ideas lately on his Instagram account. He tried to have fun around Christmas, and fans freaked out because he was being goofy in the photo. He then posted some poetry he wrote, and fans began to worry that he was growing “too dark.”

Gabe Brown on Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap

Now, Gabe has fans worried again. This time, all he did was post a short video clip of him standing in the snow and looking off into the distance. On the screen was written a small line of poetry. It read, “Let your spirit guide you. Let it lead you home.”

While it was a positive message and one that anyone could understand, too many fans took away a different meaning. Everyone saw Gabe looking serious in the video clip as he looked into the distance. As a result, instead of caring about his message about letting your spirit guide you, they believe he is depressed and is suffering through some issues. With that said, it was likely just Gabe being deep with his poetry and writing once again.

Fans send concerned messages to Gabe Brown

After getting past the normal trolls that either call out Alaskan Bush People for being fake and those who make fun of Gabe for wearing eyeliner, there was a note of concern among his fans.

One fan wrote, “I feel sad for you Gabe. I pray that you get back some of carefree jovial spirit. You seemed to always have the kindest heart.” It seemed that they either didn’t read the words Gabe wrote on the screen or they just assumed that his serious outlook meant he was no longer a “jovial spirit.”

Gabe Brown IG

Others thought that might have an idea of what is wrong with Gabe – if there even is anything wrong. “Hang in there, Gabe, I know it is rough, your Da was an amazing man,” another wrote. “He and Ami raised all of you to be amazing people as well.” That was a sense of the timing. Next week will be two years since Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown died.

Others just replied that he looks depressed, while a few offered their own stories about losing someone they loved.

Do you think Gabe Brown’s latest message was meant to show depression? Or was this just Gabe showing his creativity with his poetry and writing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Omg! People just need to calm the “F” down!! If Gabe Was depressed I’m sure his wife and family would have already had it covered!
    I understand everyone is keeping an eye on him, but people give him a break. He has got probably 50 – 150 or more around him everyday! He has plenty of people watching him! Just be his Fans and love him for who he is!!

  2. He’s a closeted gay man, and he’s fearful that his lifestyle will scare away his fanbase and tv revenue stream. He needs to get a real job, take care of his family and stay off social media forever.

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