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‘Unexpected’ Fans Speculate On McKayla Adkins’ Marital Status

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McKayla Adkins has been one of the more open Unexpected alums of the series. She has been quite verbal about her struggles with postpartum depression. Plus, she was candid when she got her tubes burned to avoid having a fourth baby. However, fans are now struggling to understand her current marital status. Is she still with her husband, Ethan Tenney, or have they called it quits? Read on for more details.

Unexpected Fans Speculate On McKayla Adkins’ Marital Status

McKayla Adkins thought she had found her forever in Caelan Morrison. They got pregnant as teens and appeared on Unexpected where they welcomed their first child, Timmy. She ended up getting pregnant again by Caelan and they welcomed a daughter named Gracelynn. During this time, the duo tried to live together, plan a wedding, and make the relationship work but it failed. However, McKayla did not give up on love when she met Ethan.

McKayla Adkins and Ethan/Facebook
McKayla, Ethan

They became engaged and found out that they were pregnant, ultimately getting married. Sadly, McKayla Adkins miscarried but they ended up discovering they were having a rainbow baby. Now, almost two years after they tied the knot (they wed in May 2021), fans are questioning what is going on between the couple. Are they still married or have they parted ways? A Reddit thread was started to try to solve this mystery. It started with this: “this was pretty recent. is this her husbands last name? also weren’t others suspecting she got divorced?” It featured the below photo along with the name “Kay Tenney” from her Facebook.

McKayla Adkins/Facebook


“She’s still married,” one immediately commented. However, another added: “Idk man she’s still got him on her instagram and she totally seems like she would be the type to delete everything if they weren’t together anymore. I feel like she is trying less to project her real life on socials since she uses those to promote her OF and all that stuff. Probably doesn’t go much deeper than that.” Finally, one noted: “She deleted all their pictures but now they’re back so really she probably archived them in a fight.”

Make It Make Sense

On her Instagram, McKayla Adkins still uses her maiden name. Yet, her Facebook has her married name. Some believe this controversy may have started because she stopped wearing her wedding ring. A Redditor pointed out that she has a job as a bartender so that could have been the reason she took it off. It might not be as deep as others make it out to be. Yes, they may have gotten into a fight and she archived his photos to get back at him. Or she may have changed her name on Facebook to make it harder to find her.

Do you think that McKayla Adkins and Ethan Tenney are still together? Why? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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