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‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown’s Whopper Of A Lie Exposed

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Sister Wives viewers were shocked by everything that went down during last season. Fans saw Christine declare she was exiting the family and why. Then, during a very intense tell-all, Meri and Janelle shared they had left Kody as well. This only left Robyn Brown to be his one and only. Robyn has always seemed to be his favorite wife and never really shows up too much on social media, but now it looks like she is in hot water. Recently, one of her biggest lies has been exposed and fans want to know what it is.

Robyn Brown Exposed

It didn’t take long for fans to start prying on one of the biggest lies Robyn has ever told. Katie Joy’s Instagram, Without A Crystal Ball, shared a post this week that had fans thrilled and shocked. A few years ago, it appeared as if Robyn Brown didn’t have a crib for her small children. Her son, Solomon was sleeping in the bed with her. This was while Robyn was pregnant with her youngest child, Ari. Of course, the show made it seem as if she wanted to co-sleep with her children. From what fans saw, it appeared that she was struggling financially and that she couldn’t provide a crib for her children. It turns out, that was not the case at all!

Without A Crystal Ball- Instagram
Without A Crystal Ball- Instagram

Katie Joy has now put this lie to rest. She shared a screenshot with a source that called Robyn Brown out for her lies. The screenshot was of her asking the source if Robyn ever had a crib and if Kody was there for both of her births. The source told her, “Yes. She did indeed have a crib, she just chose not to use it. And he was absolutely there for their births.” However, they are probably not referring to Kody but rather her first husband, David, and their lifestyle. She threw him under the bus a lot and now his family is clearing up all of the rumors that have been spread.

Failed Marriages & Blame

Robyn Brown gets a lot of backlash from fans. Many of them feel that it is clear that she has always been Kody’s favorite wife. When it came down to it, Robyn felt that Kody’s wives leaving was their fault. In the tell-all episodes, Robyn shared with viewers that the marriages failed due to the other wives pushing him away. She claims that they pushed Kody closer to her. Even though it did seem that Christine had been unhappy for years. With Christine leaving first, Robyn felt that she was the ruin of their polygamist dream. Even though Meri seems to be the only one who tried to save her marriage, Kody felt that she needed to go her own way.

Robyn Brown- TLC
Robyn Brown- TLC

Robyn and Kody are sticking together no matter what though. Do you think that they will stay together? More so, do you think that they will try to find another wife? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Keep an eye on TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives.


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  1. I’m sure he is already looking for another wife but who would want him after all of this going. Robyn and him should just stay with the two of them, even the kids don’t want to be around them.

  2. I’m hoping that TLC, will finally cancel the show really. After all the lies Robin and Cody has told. And since Robin wanted him all to her self,she should face all the financial hardships with him.

  3. so what’s the big f****** deal she lied about a crib so what what is the big freaking deal…. and if the otherwise wanted to leave so be it they probably did their time what one wife was there for over 30 years I think she did more than her fair share but as far as Robin lying big deal about a freaking crib

  4. I knew when he started seeing her that it would end bad for the other wives!! Robyn never smiles she always looks like she is always mad at the world Robyn and Cody deserve one another.

  5. This show has run its course. Many people do not want to see this man disrespect, gaslight, & abuse his former wives and adult children any longer and have no interest in what Kody & Robyn do in the future. I would watch an “After Sister Wives” type show with Janelle, Christine, and some of the adult kids who all seemed to have turned out to be very cool people (& the grandkids).

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