‘Gold Rush’ Dave Turin Called ‘Fake’ In Return To Show

Dave Turin on Gold Rush - episode screencap

Dave Turin made his return to Gold Rush and brought some new drama to the Discovery TV reality series. In his story, he wants to sell his claims and retire. However, fans of the show are not buying it and have called Dave fake with this new return to the series.

Here is what Dave is trying to do on Gold Rush, and what fans think about it.

Dave Turin planning to retire from Gold Rush?

Dave Turin showed up on Gold Rush earlier in January for the first time this season. The star of Lost Mines had a surprising announcement to make as well. He gathered his team together and told them that he was shutting down and selling his operation. When they looked at him in shock, he explained he lost one of his main investors.

Gold Rush - Dave Turin - episode screencap

Dave said he and his wife decided it was time to shut things down, but he had a big offer to make for two of his most loyal crew members. He took the two that he felt were the most promising and offered to sell his company to them. More so, he said it was a massive opportunity and they could take over and run it their way.

While fans thought he was ripping his crew off, Dave acted like this was a big deal. Despite losing a major investor and not getting the gold he was always promising, he wanted a big payoff to push the claims off onto his crew and told them they had limited time to make their decision.

However, there are some fans who feel that this entire storyline is fake.

Gold Rush fans call Dave Turin fake

Gold Rush fans were talking on Reddit about Dave Turin showing up in the middle of the season. Many of them believed that his entire storyline was manufactured to add some drama to an otherwise lackluster season. The entire season started with Rick Ness deciding not to return this year. That threw the entire show into disarray.

Dave Turin and his crew - episode screencap

With fans not caring about Fred Lewis, Gold Rush seemed to bring in Dave Turin to stir up some drama. Talking about retirement and wanting to sell his company has done that. However, at least one fan wrote, “We know this guy isn’t ‘retiring’. They just don’t want to admit that he lost his a**.”

Others agreed. One mentioned that the show didn’t have enough material for a full season after Rick backed out. “they just keep throwing all of this random BS,” they wrote. Others are still slamming Dave for offering his deal to his crew, saying he is ripping them off, adding to the arguments that he is “fake” even to his friends. “He’s not retiring he failed and called it quits and is now trying to sucker someone else into buying his failed operation,” one fan wrote.

Do you believe the entire Dave Turin storyline on Gold Rush? Or do you think it was just added for drama? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I don’t think he ripping off his friends, the value of the equipment he is offering is close to the total cost he is asking not even figuring in the value of the claim. I’m surprised the Hoffmann after seeing the show didn’t call up Dave and buy it. I don’t think it’s fair to slam Dave without knowing all the facts. Let’s give him the benefit of doubt and see where everything falls.

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