Did Kody Brown Uproot Vegas Life Because Of Booty Dancing?

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Sister Wives fans feel Kody Brown uprooted their well-settled life in Vegas because of booty dancing. The entire Brown family moved from Lehi, Utah, to Las Vegas in 2011 to escape that state’s strict anti-polygamy laws and avoid jail time. With each of the wives having their own house in a Las Vegas cul-de-sac, the entire setup was perfect, while keeping the family close. However, fans feel the big move to Flagstaff, Arizona, in 2018 was devoid of a strong reason. While some speculate it was a move to facilitate Dayton Brown, others feel it had something to do with Breanna Brown’s enthusiasm for booty dancing. Keep reading to find out the details!

Kody Brown Thinks Flagstaff Is Less Racy Than Las Vegas

The Brown family patriarch has always been conservative when it comes to his kids’ modesty standards. This was a big reason he coaxed the family to move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona. Kody and Robyn Brown felt that the atmosphere in Flagstaff was more toned-down and less racy in comparison.

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Sister Wives fans recalled on Reddit, a scene from Season 15 of the TLC series that saw Robyn Brown’s daughter Breanna join a dance club that Kody feared might be risqué in nature. Breanna proudly announced that she tried for the dance team at the school and made the cut. Although the family cheers her and congratulates her, Kody has reservations about the dance club.

Kody Brown Claims Breanna Chose To Quit Her Dance Group

Kody Brown commended his adopted daughter on her achievement. However, he did voice his concern stating, “I hope it’s not just a booty dance club.”

Robyn immediately confirms that it isn’t a booty dance club and she has looked into it. The mother of five further explains that the club performs at games, assemblies, and other school events. Soon, Breanna starts to booty dance before Kody Brown and her mother immediately shuts her down in an awkward moment.

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Kody and Robyn Brown suggested that Breanna later chose to leave the group after it became a bit suggestive. However, fans feel she was pulled out. And, this was one of the prime reasons Kody uprooted the entire family to live in Flagstaff. Kody Brown wanted their kids to be decent and avoid any suggestive behavior or hobbies.

One fan wrote, “I wonder if the girls were getting to be a little too normal with their friends and Kody couldn’t stand it! Friends always dress like their friends.”

Another added, “There was a dance team one of Robyn’s girls was a part of in Vegas that R&K pulled her out of. ‘Booty’ dancing and skimpy costumes were a problem.”

Sister Wives Fans Claim Robyn Couldn’t Cut The Cord

A third fan recalled Dayton Brown being a big reason for the Flagstaff move. They explained, “I’ve heard it was bc their balloon payments on the house were due and they couldn’t afford them. Also that Dayton got accepted to ASU and Roby can’t cut the cord. I know he has a disability but from watching the show, it never looked like she helped him learn to be independent.”

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So, do you think Breanna’s booty dancing was one of the reasons Kody Brown pawned the family’s future? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back with TV Shows Ace for more on Sister Wives!

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