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Proof Josie Bates Is Feuding With Her Sisters?

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Bringing Up Bates fans think they may have discovered proof that Josie Bates Balka is feuding with her sisters. Recent activity online may suggest that the Bates girls aren’t getting along with each other as well as they did before. What’s going on with the sisters? Keep reading to see what fans are saying and why they think something’s up with the sisters’ friendships with one another.

Josie Bates’ Sister Feud Rumors Swirl

If you follow Josie on social media or keep up with the family via fan groups and discussion boards, you might have heard the rumors that Josie is feuding with her sisters. It’s unclear what started these rumors, but they are circulating once again.

In the past, fans have talked about Josie Bates selling jewelry just like Carlin and Whitney do at their shop. Fans accused her of copying Carlin and Whitney and others thought she was trying to steal their ideas. Josie’s followers have also noticed that she doesn’t seem to spend a lot of time with her sisters. At least, she doesn’t post about hanging out with them often.

Josie Bates - YouTube - Instagram
Josie Bates – YouTube – Instagram

The speculation about a possible feud is ramping up, thanks to a new social media post.

More Proof Surfaces?

On Instagram this week, Lydia Bates, Trace’s wife, shared a couple of photos from the family’s trip to Colorado. In this batch of photos, Josie is hanging out with Lydia, as well as Jackson’s girlfriend Emerson Wells, and Warden’s rumored girlfriend, Emma Langdon. You can see the post below. Interestingly, none of these girls are Josie’s sisters.

On RedditBringing Up Bates fans are talking about the possibility of Josie Bates preferring her sisters-in-law over her biological sisters. One fan said, “I think Josie enjoys hanging out with her SILs because there is less drama and competition than with her sisters.”

Another fan agreed and said, “Do not blame her one bit. Calmer.”

Someone else thinks that the girls might be forming exclusive cliques with one another. They asked, “Do you think this will be the newest clique in the Bates family?”

Of course, there’s still no confirmation from Josie or any other family members about a possible feud. Fans seem to think she isn’t on the best terms with some of her siblings. And this recent post is only adding fuel to the fire.

So, do you think that Josie Bates might prefer her sisters-in-law over her own sisters? Does it seem like she’s on poor terms with her sisters? Or do you think fans are making a big deal out of nothing? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bringing Up Bates news.

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