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Jinger Vuolo Shatters Fans’ Hearts By Revealing Childhood Secret

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Jinger Vuolo just took part in an interview where she shattered her fans’ hearts by revealing chilling childhood moments. In the interview, Jinger not only talked about her sad childhood but also about how her parents’ version of Christianity traumatized her growing up.

Here is what Jinger revealed and how it turned her into the woman she became.

Jinger Vuolo reveals heartbreaking childhood confession

Jinger Vuolo appeared on the Relatable with Allie Beth Stucky podcast as a guest and opened up about her childhood. This included revealing some sad childhood moments that involved her teenage years. It was all in support of her upcoming tell-all book, Becoming Free Indeed. The podcast is a Christian faith podcast and Jinger talked about how she found God by dismissing the fundamentalist rules that she grew up with.

However, before getting into the details of her move from the strict upbringing she experienced with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, she talked about something heartbreaking from her teenage years. Jinger dealt with an eating disorder based on fears she might get fat if she didn’t starve herself.

Jinger Vuolo recording her audiobook

“For me, it was probably comparing myself with other people and not feeling good enough,” she said in the podcast interview. Jinger admitted she was never fat, and never needed to worry about getting fat. However, she was scared that she wouldn’t be accepted if she wasn’t “pretty.” She said she would skip meals and was growing unhealthy.

Luckily, she said it was her mother Michelle who helped her get through this. When she told her mom about her struggles, Michelle revealed she also struggled with an eating disorder. As a result, they would help each other with accountability. She said that her mom had her text her what she ate and they would work on it together.

Jinger Vuolo on how her parents’ religion traumatized her

However, there were other things in her childhood that her parents hurt her with rather than help. She admitted that the brand of Christianity that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar practiced was a strict fundamentalist brand that focused on fear. Christian minister Bill Gothard created the rules the family lived by.

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That is when she laid out some horrifying methods of his teachings. Jinger said that he told stories of a boy who was listening to rock music with drums. He said because he listened to the drums, the boy ended up dying in a car accident. This led Jinger to believe that “God was out to get her” if she didn’t follow Gothard’s teachings.

However, she later learned that many of his rules were not pulled out of the Bible and were just ones he created. She ended up leaving the church in 2017 because it felt more like a cult. “The teaching I grew up under was harmful, it was damaging, and there are lasting effects,” she explained in the podcast.

Are you surprised at what Jinger Vuolo has revealed about her childhood? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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