Duggar Sibling Makes Shocking Display Of Support For Jinger

Jinger Vuolo - Instagram - Duggar

A Duggar sibling has made a pretty shocking display of support for Jinger Vuolo. The former Counting On star is preparing to release her tell-all memoir, Becoming Free Indeedwhich details her faith journey and reconstruction. In the book, she talks about her upbringing and how her beliefs have changed over the years. This is a sensitive topic, especially in her family’s strict religion. Many members of the family are still a part of the Institute of Basic Life Principles (IBLP). So, it may come as a surprise that some of her siblings have displayed their support. Keep reading for all of the details.

Which family members have already shown support?

Ahead of the release of her book, Jinger has had many different interviews with various outlets. She has shared several of them on social media to give fans a chance to check them out. While promoting her book and interviews, Jinger has received support from many fans. But a few family members have also offered encouragement.

Jill Dillard has openly cheered on her sister. Duggar cousin Amy King also chimed in, as did Jim Bob’s sister Deanna.

Jinger Vuolo - YouTube - Duggar
Jinger Vuolo – YouTube – Duggar

Now, another Duggar sibling has shown some love as Jinger prepares to share her truth and experience when her book hits shelves on Jan. 31, 2023.

Another Duggar sibling openly displays their support.

This week on Instagram, Jinger promoted an interview she had with Allie B. Stuckey, a writer and podcast host. After interviewing Jinger on the podcast, Allie shared a few snippets on Instagram, which were also pushed to Jinger’s followers.

About one clip, Allie said, “Amazing convo with Jinger Duggar Vuolo today about her journey from fear-based fundamentalism to the freedom of the gospel.”

Surprisingly, Joy-Anna Forsyth “liked” this video, which may suggest she’s showing support. She hasn’t liked many of Jinger’s posts about her new book, so this comes as a shock.

Below, you can check out the video Joy-Anna liked.


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A post shared by Allie Beth Stuckey (@alliebstuckey)

So far, Joy-Anna hasn’t commented on Jinger’s posts or promoted her sister’s book publicly. But this may be a step in that direction.

So, are you surprised that a Duggar sibling has openly supported Jinger Vuolo ahead of her book’s release? Do you think that Joy-Anna Forsyth might be on her own similar journey? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the former Counting On family.

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