TJ Holmes Hated By ‘GMA’ Staff?

TJ Holmes BTS Of GMA [TJ Holmes | Facebook]

The GMA staff reportedly hated TJ Holmes. He allegedly “terrorized” and “yelled” at people on the set of the morning show. More explosive reports about his alleged bad behavior are coming out. This comes as the co-anchor lawyered up in the event that ABC fires him.

Some of the staffers behind-the-scenes of the talk show claim that TJ is “nasty” and “snooty” to them. ABC brass loved TJ, but that’s not the case for production. Some of the staff will happy to see him gone for good. Keep on reading to get the new details.

TJ Holmes & Amy Robach [Amy Robach | Instagram]
[Amy Robach | Instagram]

TJ Holmes accused of bad behavior

The Good Morning America co-anchor had alleged affairs with his staffers. Now, according to a new report via Page Six, he wasn’t well-liked behind the scenes. Production staff “hated” the television personality. TJ Holmes helped create a toxic workplace.

“He terrorizes the staff. They hate him. He yells at producers, snaps at people and people don’t want to work with him,” an insider told Page Six. “He loves himself, and really thinks he’s a huge star. He acts like he’s hot s***.”

TJ Holmes Snaps Fingers In Suit [TJ Holmes | Facebook]
[TJ Holmes | Facebook]
TJ Holmes had a bad reputation long before the alleged affair rumors came to light. He’s only nice to his co-anchors and the top executives at ABC. TJ looks down upon those who work below him. One insider told the outlet that “he acts like he runs the place and isn’t as nice.”

People don’t want to get on his bad side since he can hold a grudge. TJ Holmes’ rep didn’t return a comment on Page Six. One source called the latest report a “transparent and baseless character assassination.” It’s likely that this is coming out because of ABC’s internal review of the situation. TJ and Amy Robach went on suspension in early December 2022 because of the alleged affair rumors.

Was Amy Robach blindsided?

Amy and TJ Holmes went public as a couple. Yet, the affair rumors made a negative impact on their respective careers. Reports claim that Amy was blindsided by TJ’s flings with other staffers on the show. An insider told The U.S. Sun that she “had no idea the scope of TJ’s alleged past office romances.”

Amy wasn’t aware that it would cause so much trouble “outside of her own marriage.” The ABC World News co-anchor “did not expect this to blow up into a scandal.” She is working on her divorce from her estranged husband Andrew Schue. However, the former spouses haven’t filed the paperwork as of yet.

TJ Holmes & Amy Robach [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
Meanwhile, TJ Holmes filed for divorce from his estranged wife Marilee Fiebig in late December. She’s working with two lawyers amid their costly and nasty divorce. TJ also made sure that he hired one of the top lawyers in New York City. Amy and TJ claim they separated from their respective spouses at the time of the affair.

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  1. Heck I hate him and Amy for what they did to their families and it doesn’t even effect me. I just can’t stand to even look at TJ Holmes. Amy is just so stupid to even think for one second this dude would even think to do right by her.

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