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Sherri Shepherd Refuses To Quit In New Intense Video

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Sherri Talk show host Sherri Shepherd refuses to quit in an intense new video. The mother of two revealed that she feels motivated yet admitted that her life was at stake. After Wendy Williams left her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, Sherri first took over as a guest host after finally getting her own show on the Syndication network. So, what is Sherri Shepherd’s new video about? Plus, what motivated her? Keep reading to find out the details!

Sherri Shepherd Admits Her Wig Might Fall Off

The American actress is currently focusing on her fitness journey and shared a motivational video with fans on Instagram. The 55-year-old comedian flaunted her toned body in a tight purple tank top and black shorts. Sherri Shepherd displayed her strength in this new workout video that she shared with fans on Tuesday.

Sherri Shepherd YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Throughout the video, the TV personality did jump squats, bicep curls, overhead presses, pull-ups, wide-leg deadlifts, and squats with kettlebells. Her exercising routine also comprised of cardio sessions where she hit up the gym’s stationary bike.

On top of the video, The View’s former co-host revealed that her booty workout was so intense that, “my wig is about to come off!”

Sherri Shepherd Reveals Her Muscles Are On Fire

However, in the post’s caption, Sherri revealed something serious about motivation and self-discipline. She wrote, “Sometimes motivation isn’t enough-self-discipline will carry you farther than motivation, and as @bsimonefit said ‘and the body has no choice but to follow.’ Every one of my muscles is on fire but it’s my life at stake and I refuse to quit.”

Fans flocked to the comments section lauding the Trial & Error alum for her dedication. One wrote, “Mama!!! You are STRONG!! I need help moving my piano up to the second floor.”

Sherri Shepherd Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

“This is impressive, the muscle gains are one thing, the wig staying on is EPIC,” quipped another.

A third was in awe of her legs and wrote, “Girl! The muscles in your legs!!”

Sherri Shepherd Controlled Her Diabetes With Keto

Lately, Sherri Shepherd has been making big changes to her life including her fitness and food habits. However, she didn’t take it seriously when she was first diagnosed with prediabetes. She revealed that she had already lost her mother to diabetes-related complications and the disease runs in her family. However, the pre-phase didn’t motivate her enough to make scalable lifestyle changes.

Sherri Shepherd YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Later in 2007, the actress received a confirmed Type-2 diabetes diagnosis and the news came just days before her stint as a co-host on The View panel. Since her diagnosis, Sherri Shepherd has introduced drastic changes to her lifestyle. She revealed that now her A1C levels are in perfect condition with stable blood pressure. Moreover, the TV star has also made huge strides in her weight loss journey. She disclosed that a no-sugar keto diet has helped her a lot.

What do you think of Sherri Shepherd’s motivational video? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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