Lindsie Chrisley & Nanny Faye Take Road Trip To Visit Todd

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Todd Chrisley was behind bars for less than a week of his 12-year sentence before he got his first visit from his daughter Lindsie and his mother Nanny Faye. It was on one of her podcasts that Lindsie revealed she and Nanny Faye went on a bit of a road trip together so they could visit with Todd behind bars. Lindsie jokingly admitted on her podcast that taking a road trip with an elderly individual was certainly a unique experience.

Todd Chrisley Youtube
Todd Chrisley Youtube

Lindsie Chrisley and Nanny Faye road trip to visit with Todd

On her podcast, Lindsie Chrisley revealed that she and Nanny Faye went on a bit of a road trip together to visit with her father behind bars. Lindsie admitted that her grandmother was a woman who probably should no longer be driving. But, that didn’t stop her from slipping behind the wheel for the first leg of their road trip. Lindsie explained that a few hours into the road trip they stopped to get a bit to eat. After their meal, Lindsie made an effort to get behind the wheel and insisted that she do the rest of the driving.

Now, those who are familiar with Chrisley Knows Best are well aware of the fact that Lindsie was not exaggerating as Nanny Faye’s questionable driving skills were featured more than a few times on the series. For example, fans will recall one scene with Todd Chrisley giving his mother grief for not keeping her eyes on the road while driving.

Lindsie and Todd Chrisley, YouTube

Nanny, however, isn’t the only member of the family that gets grief for their driving. Most members of the family agree they would rather not get in a vehicle with Savannah because they don’t care for her driving either. In fact, fans don’t particularly care for Savanna’s driving after she shrugged off getting into a car accident that was her fault.

Even Grayson Chrisley has been under fire when a photo of him driving while texting with a female that was presumed to be his girlfriend in the passenger seat. Closer inspection of the photo also revealed Grayson was NOT wearing a seat belt either.

It was a trip to the beach that got fans curious about

Lindsie Chrisley explained during her podcast that it was a recent trip to a beach near where Todd Chrisley was behind bars that caused many of her followers to wonder if she had ventured to see him.

Nanny Faye YouTube
Nanny Faye – YouTube

She explained: “This past weekend there was a thread about people trying to figure out what beach I was at and why I was there. If it was my parents’ beach house, if it was a new condo.”

Do you think it is sweet that Lindsie Chrisley took Nanny Faye on a road trip to see Todd? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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  1. I think they should be let out if guilty then put them on probation make them pay fines and what ever taxes that are owed and maybe do community service but if you watched the shows you would see that they did stuff for their community already I will never be rich or see that kind of money that they have or had but everyone deserves a second chance and since they have young children still I feel they should be home taking care of them not to mention mrs Faye I love her but she isn’t in the best health and getting older as well and she needs her family to help her out and from what I see on news which we know they make things sound worse then it is they are still in court appealing the case so it hasn’t even been settled I’m mean I see people killing their kids and others running free not to mention the government getting away with stuff a slap on the wrist I love the Christlys and I’m praying for the whole family but my main concern is the kids god bless everyone wishing for the best for the family

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