Everything Zach Shallcross Has Said About His ‘Bachelor’ Journey

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Fans of The Bachelor finally saw Zach Shallcross begin his journey and now he’s sharing his feelings about it all. While Zach can’t give away the ending for his season, he says he is happy. What has he said about finding love on the show? Keep reading to find out more.

What has Zach Shallcross said about his Bachelor journey?

US Weekly shared what Zach Shallcross had to say about his journey as The Bachelor. One big take away is that he is happy. Zach also says he thinks everyone will be surprised by how his love story unfolds. Fans saw Zach say he felt like his wife was one of the thirty women that arrived at the mansion. When asked if that feeling changed as the season progressed Zach said no.

He said,  “That’s a great, great question. To be honest, there was not one moment throughout the entire filming where I wasn’t confident that she’s in this room.”

Zach also shared that his season will be an emotional rollercoaster and a lot does go down. However, he feels it’s all a beautiful piece of how the story unfolds.

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There will be no dumb drama

Zach has been adamant that this season will not be packed full of dumb drama. He previously said if drama is what people want then he probably isn’t their man.

He also says he wears his heart on his sleeve and doesn’t try to hide it. All the emotion fans will see if genuine. In regards to all the crying he does this season, Zach says, “Without giving too much away, the tears come from a place of just feeling for all the women involved and trying my best to navigate it.”

He believes there is one true love for everyone. Zach said, “I feel like the Bachelor world — Bachelor/Bachelorette — they literally coined the different terms of love: ‘Falling in love, in love, I love you.’ For me, yeah, it was something that was definitely in my mind.” He continued, “I’m someone that believes you have one true love, like, the one person that your heart just yearns for. The one you think of when you go to bed. The one you think of when you wake up. You only have one love, but there are varying degrees of love to get to that point. And your heart knows what it wants. It can get pulled into different directions and that’s something that can happen. But for me, I am a firm believer that there is just that one true love.”

Would he do anything different? He says there are a lot of ups and downs but overall he would not change anything for how he feels now which is very happy. He played coy when asked if he got his heartbroken. All he shared is that fans will have to tune in but overall he’s very happy post filming. Overall it sounds like he may have found what he is looking for, but will it last? Tune in to find out!

Did you tune in to watch Zach’s premiere on Monday night? Do you think he finds love?

Stay tuned for more updates on Zach and all your Bachelor Nation faves.

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