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Did GMA’s Michael Strahan Admit He’s A Secret Swiftie?

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Michael Strahan shocked viewers when he made a confession about Taylor Swift. He admitted that he’s a secret Swiftie, which he “kept inside.” He couldn’t keep a straight face when he shared it with his co-anchors. See where this came from and what made him blurt it out.

GMA co-anchor wanted to score Taylor Swift tickets?

Millions of fans in America wish they could get their hands on tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. Ticketmaster is to blame for not getting tickets into the hands of Swifties. The co-anchor Michael Strahan admitted that he couldn’t get tickets to her upcoming tour. On Tuesday afternoon, the Senate held a hearing against the major ticketing company.

They’re asking Ticketmaster to remove their ridiculous fees and bots in the queue. This would make it easier for fans to acquire tickets without paying upwards of thousands of dollars. Good Morning America covered the news story with ABC’s Senior Congressional Correspondent, Rachel Scott on Wednesday morning.

Michael Strahan [GMA | YouTube]

[GMA | YouTube]”Democrats and Republicans united to say Taylor Swift isn’t the problem,” she said. “Instead called out Ticketmaster, and its parent company, Live Nation, for widespread outages and hours-long wait times, which left many fans empty-handed for the singer’s upcoming tour.”

Next, Rachel spoke with some of the Senators. For the rare occasion, the Democrats and Republicans united over this moment. Then, GMA shared a clip of Swiftie crying on TikTok because she couldn’t get tickets after online waiting for six hours. Michael Strahan shared that he knew how that fan feels.

“I felt like that young lady when I didn’t get my tickets,” he admitted to his co-anchors.

“You felt that way?” Robin Roberts asked, shocked.

Michael Strahan, Robin Roberts, and George Stephanapoulos [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
George Stephanopoulos laughed. Michael admitted that he “kept it inside” to them. “Ok,” Robin responded. “That’s right,” Michael said as he laughed.

He’s not a secret Swiftie. Michael tried to score tickets for his 18-year-old twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia. The case is ongoing as Senators allow Ticketmaster to follow up on the questions they couldn’t provide the first time around. Senator Klobuchar feels that this is the right move in improving the ticket industry.

Michael Strahan spotted with girlfriend

On Monday, January 23, Michael Strahan was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He made a rare appearance with his girlfriend Kayla Quick by his side. The two have been together since 2015 and managed to make their relationship private. That day was a special occasion as the couple posed together for pictures.

He also celebrated with GMA co-host Robin Roberts and his family members. Michael Strahan stepped out in a navy blue plaid suit, which he paired with a white button-up shirt and dark tie. Kayla wore a white flowy evening gown with a camel coat. The two cozied up together for photos.

What are your thoughts on Michael Strahan admitting that he was trying to get tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour? Does this surprise you? Sound off below in the comment section.

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