Tiffany & Lawson Bates Spill Tea On Birth Control & Future Kids

Lawson Bates - Youtube

Bringing Up Bates star Lawson Bates and his wife Tiffany Espensen are spilling the tea on their plans for their future kids and whether they use birth control. The couple tied the knot in May 2022, and naturally, fans are wondering what their future might hold. Keep reading to see how they answered fans’ burning questions.

Bringing Up Bates fans speculate about a possible pregnancy.

Since Lawson and Tiffany have been married for a little while now, fans are expecting a pregnancy announcement soon enough. There have been plenty of times when fans have wondered if Tiffany is already pregnant. So far, however, the couple has not made an official announcement.

Lawson Bates - Youtube
Lawson Bates – Youtube

As we reported, Tiffany previously showed a negative pregnancy test on camera. Some fans took this as a sign the couple might be trying to conceive. Speculation has also ramped up because fans think Tiffany is bored or unhappy in Nashville, which is where she and Lawson bought a home. She previously lived in California, so this is quite an adjustment for her.

Amid all of the questions about Tiffany and Lawson Bates’ family planning, the couple decided to spill the tea. They opened up about how they feel about birth control and talked about their plans for their kids.

Tiffany & Lawson Bates answer fans’ burning questions on birth control & future kids.

This weekend, Lawson and Tiffany shared a new video on their YouTube channel. They answered fans’ juicy, intimate questions that they haven’t discussed in the past.

Many fans sent in questions about when Tiffany and Lawson will have kids and how many they plan on having. Lawson called these “mutual” questions because they concern both himself and Tiffany. He believes they should stay on the same page about these topics. 

In response, he said, “We don’t know when we’re gonna have a baby. We’ll have to see.” 

Then, Lawson Bates continued, “We would both love kids. When the time is right, it’ll happen.” 

As for how many kids they want, Tiffany jokingly said, “We want 100 kids.” She made it clear that she was just teasing though and said, “Whatever the Lord wants. It worked out for Lawson’s family.” 

Lawson Bates is one of 19 kids, while Tiffany is one of two kids. So, they had drastically different upbringings. In the video, Lawson said that a “good medium number” of kids would be 10. 

Also in the video, they addressed whether Tiffany is on birth control. She responded, “No, I’m not.” She didn’t elaborate any further. 

So, do Tiffany and Lawson Bates’ answers surprise you? Do you think they will end up having kids soon? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family. Below, you can watch the couple’s new YouTube video.

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