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‘The View’ Whoopi Tells Sunny Hostin Why She Disses Her

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Whoopi Goldberg is back and she came for Sunny Hostin. The comedian went after her co-host in the latest broadcast. Whoopi revealed to Sunny why she disses her when the cameras aren’t rolling. The dig went by so fast that most fans didn’t notice it. Keep on reading to learn more to get all the details.

Whoopi Goldberg talks about group family texts

One family’s group text went viral. The father had enough of the constant chatter. He removed himself from the group chat. The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg asked the panel if family group texts are a good way to communicate or if it’s too overwhelming. Sunny Hostin shared her thoughts on group texts and texting in general.

“That’s how we connect with each other now,” Sunny Hostin shared.

“I do not,” Whoopi looked at her with a funny expression.

“Whoopi!” Sunny said.”Come on.”

Whoopi Goldberg [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
“What?” Whoopi asked, not caring what she said.

“There’s a reason why Whoopi isn’t on the host chat,” newcomer Alyssa Farah Griffin joked.

Whoopi told Sunny Hostin why she dissed her off the show. She doesn’t want to waste her time texting. Sunny has a hard time getting Whoopi to respond. Most of the panel agreed with Whoopi. They liked her hard and fast rules for texting.

“I don’t look,” Whoopi explained. “If you want me, you call me at my house. Don’t call me after 7. Because there is life after the gig, and I don’t have time, really, to chitchat, because I’m busy.”

Sunny Hostin [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
The panel moved on from the discussion. Some of the viewers at home might’ve missed Whoopi’s diss. She shut the co-host down and informed her why she doesn’t want to talk to her via text message. Whoopi would rather talk on the phone, while Sunny feels comfortable with texting among her co-hosts.

Sunny Hostin disappeared from The View

Meanwhile, Sunny Hostin disappeared from The View late last week. It was unusual for the co-host to go missing for two days in a row. There was no explanation for her absence. Whoopi also went missing from the show during Friday’s broadcast, but that’s common for her.

Bachelorette alum Rachel Lindsay filled in for Sunny’s seat on both broadcasts. Fans took to Twitter to speculate whether she was “auditioning” to take over Sunny’s spot. One even hosted a poll on the social media app. Fans were split, as some were excited over the idea while others hated it.

Whoopi Goldberg [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Others were upset that both Whoopi and Sunny Hostin were off that day. What are your thoughts on Whoopi telling Sunny why she disses her on the group chat? Do you like family chats or group chats? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Whoopi & Joy are my favorites. If they go, so do I. Many of the younger replacements are hard to tolerate. The lack of control in their opinionated rants is disgusting. How about, let’s take turns speaking instead of your mouth being a bulldozer, plowing over everybody. It all boils down to personal opinions, not educated positions.

  2. I agree with Mary. Since Barbara Walters left Whoopi and Joy have kept the show going. The viewers love them or they they would not still be on the show. I think a lot of what they say is meant is said jokingly and the media makes a big deal out of it. Let Whoopi talk!

  3. love Whoopi and Joye, there’s something to be said about being mature. sonny Hostin is or pretends to be so naive. She tries to pretends as if her family is so perfect, as least that is the way she comes off. I belive that every one has issues. Just saying!

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