‘The View’s Sara Haines Breaks Silence About Need For Older Men

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The View hosts are no strangers to off-the-wall topics. The panel recently took on the topic of dating older men and viewers found out some interesting information about Sara Haines. Each member of The View‘s panel weighed in on the subject, but Sara’s contribution to the discussion is what stuck with most people. Keep reading to see what she had to say.

Sara Haines Admittedly Has ‘Daddy Issues’

When The View hosts started to talk about dating, many fans were all ears and hoping they would get some information about Sara Haines’ marriage. While there wasn’t anything revealed about that, she did provide an interesting detail about men she is attracted to.

The conversation started and host Ana Navarro mentioned that dating older men is nice because you don’t have to “train them.” On the other hand, Bachelorette alum Rachel Lindsay said her experience with an older man was much different. Rachel said that the man tried to bring her to a swinger’s club for their date. Talk about uncomfortable!

Other hosts of The View started to weigh in on the discussion as well. Joy Behar stated that, generally, people don’t go out looking for an older man.

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That’s when Sara Haines piped up and said, “Oh, you do. I was hunting actively for older men,” she said to Joy, who looked shocked at this point.

“They were the only thing that attracted me,” she said “I had some daddy issues, but it’s fine.” Sara Haines laughed it off and Joy Behar responded by saying that she must have mommy issues because she’s always looking for a younger man. The rest of the panel continued their discussion without missing a beat.

Is Sara Haines’ Marriage On The Rocks?

Fans have been speculating about whether or not Sara Haines’ marriage is on the rocks. Apparently, her wedding band has been missing from her hand for several weeks. She last wore it on the January 13 episode of The View. However, before that, it was gone from her hand for a full two weeks. On top of that, Sara has neglected to post anything about her husband since January 7.


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Sara Haines has been married to Max Shifrin since 2014. The couple has three children together. At this time, Sara has not made any attempt to address the rumors about her marriage, leaving fans wondering what’s up. Her latest comments about dating may have stirred the pot even more.

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