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Michael Strahan Makes Hollywood Walk Of Fame History

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Michael Strahan made the Hollywood Walk of Fame history. He admitted that he was nervous before receiving the high honor. Long before he became a co-anchor on Good Morning America, Michael’s career spanned a long time on television as a game show host, an NFL Hall of Famer, a Super Bowl winner, and a LIVE! co-host. He shared his latest milestone with fans on social media. Keep on reading to learn more.

GMA co-anchor shares his milestone with fans

On Monday, January 23, Michael Strahan was honored with his own Hollywood Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star was dedicated to his work in the sports entertainment industry. While Michael may have looked confident during the event, he admitted that he was nervous before the ceremony.

In his interview with Variety, he revealed how he really felt about receiving the honor. Michael had nerves leading up to the event. The reason was because of his long-spanning career. However, Michael couldn’t believe where it led him up to this point.

Michael Strahan Wears Blue Shirt
[Michael Strahan | Instagram]
“It’s beyond even my comprehension knowing where I started and what all this signifies for me, it’s overwhelming,” Michael Strahan told Variety.

He shared the same sentiments on Instagram. In a video posted to his feed, he said he wasn’t more nervous about heading to the event or getting the honor. Michael noted that his family and friends would be there. The moment was filled with “nothing but love.”

I am honored and humbled to receive a star on the @hwdwalkoffame! Many people have been there with me along the way, and I am tremendously grateful to you all,” Michael Strahan wrote in an Instagram post that included slides from the event. “I’m just having fun, and when you have fun and work hard… Anything is possible.”

Michael Strahan admits he’s a big goofball

The former NFL player might come off as cool and collected on television. However, he’s just like everyone else. Michael Strahan previously admitted that he’s a big goofball. One fan asked him how he is so cool all the time. The ABC television personality laughed and said that’s just how he is.

Michael Strahan stumbled over his words as he tried to figure out what to say. He admitted that he’s not as cool as he comes across on television. Michael shared that he gets goofy and silly. However, some fans begged to differ and admitted that he’s one of the coolest people in entertainment.

What are your thoughts on Michael Strahan making the Hollywood Walk of Fame history? Does this surprise you? What NFL player should receive a Hollywood star, in your opinion? Sound off below in the comment section.

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