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‘M3GAN’ Star Violet McGraw Contract Leaked: Making BANK

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The leak of M3GAN star Violet McGraw’s contract reveals that despite being just 11 years old, she made BANK thanks to her role in the film. Moreover, per TMZ, her contract leak reveals that it came with some sweet bonuses that have allowed her to take in some extra fat paychecks thanks to how well the movie has done at the box office. What details of Violet McGraw’s contract leaked exactly? And, how much money has the pre-teen made thanks to her role in this horror film? Keep reading for the details.

M3GAN Star Violet McGraw Contract Leaked: Making BANK

M3GAN star Violet McGraw’s contract was obtained and leaked by TMZ. According to the outlet, the contract reveals that the 11-year-old was guaranteed four weeks of work at $3,932.50 per week. Due to a government-mandated quarantine in New Zealand, the actress ended up getting paid for six weeks of work instead of four. So, the young actress banked $23,595 for six weeks of work.

Now, $23K alone is a lot of money for an 11-year-old to make. But, the paychecks from her role in the film did not stop there. Turns out, her contract included a few sweet extra perks pending how well the film actually performed.

M3Gan trailer - YouTube
M3Gan trailer – YouTube

For starters, the young actress was treated as a princess because of her role in the movie. Violet McGraw’s role in the film rewarded her with flying to NZ via business class to work on the movie. Presently, the movie has netted $73M at the box office just in the United States. Per her contract, the young actress is looking at a potential payout of as much as $150K.

For those who need a refresher, Violet plays one of the stars of the show. She plays the newly-orphaned Cady who goes to live with her Aunt Gemma. The aunt is responsible for creating M3GAN.

M3Gan trailer - YouTube
M3Gan trailer – YouTube

Good news for those who enjoyed the film as M3GAN will be returning for a sequel. Fans of Violet McGraw assume that she will be able to negotiate an even larger paycheck as she returns to the second film following the massive success of the first one.

Starting today, M3GAN is available via video on demand. The horror movie can also be viewed in theaters. Check out the trailer down below:

Does it surprise you that Violet McGraw was able to make such much dough thanks to her role in M3GAN? How do you feel about the details of her contract leaking? Let us know in the comments down below.

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