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Stunning ‘GMA’ Co-Host Joins TJ Holmes & Amy Robach’s Fill-Ins

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A stunning GMA co-host joined TJ Holmes and Amy Robach’s fill-ins. The duo has been suspended amid the ongoing scandal. DeMarco Morgan and Rhiannon Ally have been co-hosting GMA 3: What You Need to Know during the third hour of the morning show.

Now, a dark-haired beauty has joined the duo. Fans are in awe over the new co-anchor who’s been turning heads lately. She would be the perfect replacement for the good-looking couple who went missing in early December 2022.

Keep on reading to learn more and to get all the details behind the stunner.

TJ Holmes & Amy Robach [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

The dark-haired stunner joins the GMA3 crew

Newbie GMA co-anchor Rosci Diaz joined DeMarco, Rhiannon, and Dr. Jennifer Ashton. Fans couldn’t keep their eyes off her. During Friday’s broadcast of the talk show, Rosci debuted with her dark brown eyes, black voluminous hair, and purple dress that showed off her curves.

She wore a purple turtleneck dress on the set of the show. Rosci finished off her look with simple silver jewelry, nude pumps, and glamorous makeup. Her head-turning look made viewers rave about her. Most loved her interaction with the GMA3 team.

Rosci Diaz With DeMarco Morgan & Rhiannon Ally [Rhiannon Ally | Instagram]
[Rhiannon Ally | Instagram]
Fans were happy to see her join the GMA3 team. The television personality made the cameras fall in love with her. Her recent appearance comes as TJ Holmes and Amy Robach have been exposed for their alleged extramarital affair. Rosci joined the crew during a segment on the talk show.

Rhiannon took to Instagram to share a photo of the trio with the caption: “Thankful to be around people with such good souls 💖.”  She was pictured with Rosci and DeMarco. Fans took to the comment section to praise them. Others were in awe over the new television host.

  • “The Three Amigos.”
  • “DeMarco needs to be permanent. He’s got a fabulous personality and I love the chemistry he has with the co-hosts.”
  • “You work so well together.”

Who is Rosci Diaz?

Rosci Diaz is a Honduran-born radio personality and model. She was a co-host on the BET show 106 & Park. Prior to her appearance on GMA, Rosci was a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. At the time, she became known as “Rosci Diaz.”

She previously took to Instagram to announce the news to her fans. Rosci shared that she was joining the GMA team.

“Hey 2023 I’m officially back from my social media hibernation. I love I’m starting my New Year with my @abcgma3 family,” she wrote in the caption of the Instagram video.

Rosci Diaz On GMA3 [Rosci Diaz | Instagram]
[Rosci Diaz | Instagram]
Her fans were quick to congratulate her. Some think Rosci should become a permanent fixture on the show. The co-anchors looked quite comfortable with one another. ABC still hasn’t confirmed the firing rumors. The leadership of GMA3 is still unknown at this time.

What are your thoughts on Rosci Diaz’s debut on GMA? Do you think she’s a good fit? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Its well past time, Holmes and Robach cheating affair might be coming to an end and if more affairs come out (as I’m sure will come out) Robach will decide not wanting to support Holmes with his child care .The new people ABC is testing out for reaction of fans and all fans news and no drama,to go back to news and not family breakup’s.

  2. This incident has had way more attention than it deserves.What these two adult people are doing is really their business, but it makes for good TV. I really wish we could just move on from this.

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