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Meri Brown B&B Retreat A Scam Per FTC Guidelines?

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Meri Brown, from TLC’s Sister Wives, has been pushing a retreat to her fans lately. As the owner of a bed and breakfast in Utah, she has tried to promote it. This is one of her sources of income and now that she and Kody Brown are no longer together, it seems as if she needs to make more money. From what her fans have seen on her Instagram account, this retreat is incredibly expensive. With the retreat coming up this February, Meri is scrambling to fill the holes of the retreat, but with these outrageous prices, it doesn’t seem as if she has had many takers.

Meri Brown’s Retreat Prices Are Shocking

Of course, Meri has quite a following on social media from her time on Sister Wives. In her posts about the retreat, these followers were shocked to see how much people are willing to pay to get to spend time with her. The ticket prices range from $4,000 to $6,000! These prices are without airfare included. Now it appears that Meri Brown has actually started to take things off of the original retreat packages. With very little response, she has taken away some extras. For example, she removed extra time with herself from the Elite package. She added bonus gifts instead.

Meri Brown Lizzie's Heritage Inn

Meri’s retreat will happen on February 16 through 19 in Southern Utah. Surprisingly enough, the language in the information packet is pretty vague. The retreat packages now include a private or shared room, activities and goody bags, rejuvenation, photos, and time with Meri Brown. However, there aren’t a lot of fans buying this. Many of them feel that this is incredibly too expensive just to meet a reality TV celebrity.

Is This Retreat Legal?

According to Meri’s Instagram account, she told her fans to go straight to Lizzie’s Heritage Inn’s website for the retreat details. She has decided to withhold these details from social media. She told her fans that once they register, then they will receive the full details of the retreat. It seems odd that someone would pay up to $6,000 and have very few details about what they are signing up for. This is why many of her fans have started to doubt this retreat is even legal! In fact, one Instagram account was ready to call Meri Brown out on this!

Katie Joy from Without a Crystal Ball has shared some of her research on Meri’s retreat. She brought up the Federal Trade Commission. She wrote, “According to the Federal Trade Commission, Meri Brown’s refusal to provide details about the location of the accommodations for guests, an itinerary, menu and details of the package prior to purchase is a designated travel scam. The FTC requires that travel packages and retreats include details about the package, including the address and location of the accommodations where the guest will stay.”

Meri Brown's Retreat- Instagram
Meri Brown’s Retreat- Instagram

Meri is supposed to provide all of the retreat details no matter what and if she doesn’t, this is a scam and illegal. The consumers are to be told exactly what they are paying for and in this situation, it looks like Meri could be in some serious hot water!

What do you think about the cost of the retreat? Do you think Meri Brown should give more details to her fans? Tell us in the comments below and stay at Tv Shows Ace for more details.


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