Josiah Roloff Hits Milestones Faster Than Jackson And Lilah?

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Little People, Big World cast member, Tori Roloff has been sharing a lot of Josiah Roloff’s milestones lately. It is clear that he has won his mother’s heart. In fact, in a recent post on her Instagram account, she told her fans that she would never be able to say no to his cute face. Josiah is growing so fast and the family loves spending time with him. His older siblings, Lilah and Jackson Roloff like to play with him too. Tori continues to share moments and milestones with her fans and they love to see it.

Josiah Roloff Is Growing Up So Fast

In one of her most recent posts on Instagram, Tori took to her Stories to share an adorable moment in Josiah Roloff’s life. He was walking, with the help of his baby walker. She captioned the photo, “I’m callin’ it: He’s going to walk faster than my other two.” Not only has Tori captured his progress with walking, but she recently shared some of the big kid things that he has started to do.

Tori Roloff- Instagram
Tori Roloff- Instagram

Josiah seems to be a very happy child and Tori and Zach are so proud of how he is growing. In fact, Tori shared that he had started to talk a little bit at eight months old. Also, he has started to do some big kid things with his dad, Zach. Tori captured the two of them on the couch and watched the World Cup together. The moment was pretty adorable and their fans just loved it!

Sibling Love For The Roloffs

It is clear that Little People, Big World cast member, Tori Roloff loves her children. They have shown just how much they love one another too. Ever since Josiah Roloff was born, his siblings have been showering him with love and affection. Jackson has shown that he loves to take time and hang out with his baby brother. There have been some adorable moments between the two of them. Tori has shared these moments on Instagram and her fans just can’t get enough!

Tori and Josiah Roloff- Instagram
Tori and Josiah Roloff- Instagram

When Jackson gets to hang out with his brother, we only see him smiling. It is very clear that time spent with Josiah is fun for him. He has taken to the role of big brother and is running with it. Jackson likes to watch over Josiah Roloff as he sleeps and he does seem incredibly protective of him. He was the same way with Lilah when she was born too. Fans hope that Jackson will continue to protect his younger siblings and that Tori will continue to share these special moments.

What do you think of Josiah growing so fast? Do you think that he will walk soon? Please let us know if the comments below. TV Shows Ace is your guide to more Little People, Big World so stay here for more!

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