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‘GMA3’: Dr. Jen Ashton Laughing Stock As Co-Hosts Coordinate?

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Dr. Jen Ashton became a laughingstock on live television. Her co-hosts coordinated with their matching outfits on GMA. Keep on reading for more details.

What happened with Dr. Jen Ashton?

Dr. Jen Ashton admitted that she missed the dress code during Friday’s broadcast of Good Morning America. She wasn’t present at the New York City headquarters. Jen had fans questioning where she was since she reported virtually. She shared that she was in Los Angeles.

Dr. Jen Ashton [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
Jen spoke to DeMarco Morgan and Rhiannon Ally during the health segment. The two have filled in for TJ Holmes and Amy Robach for the past few weeks. DeMarco wore a black blazer with a white button-up shirt and a bright purple tie.

Rhiannon wore a purple velvet blazer over a blouse. They matched with their color-coordinated outfits. Meanwhile, Dr. Jen Ashton wore an orange sweater over a white shirt. She admitted that she “missed the memo” about the dress code.

Dr. Jen Ashton With DeMarco Morgan & Rhiannon Ally [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
Jen wondered if the new co-anchors “planned” their outfits. DeMarco said that Rhiannon walked by his dressing room and said: “Oh, I like your tie.” She joked that DeMarco wanted to match her outfit, which is why he threw on the tie at the last minute.

“You didn’t get the purple memo today,” Rhiannon said.

Dr. Jen Ashton joked that she wanted to match the segment’s “graphics.” She will continue to report from the West Coast this week. This comes after she revealed that she will be taking a “deliberate” break from Dry January. Many Americans vowed to stop drinking by the New Year.

GMA3 co-anchor talks about Dry January

The healthcare professional admitted that she couldn’t stay sober for long. There are many benefits to Dry January. Studies show that it can improve sleep, reduce anxiety, contribute to weight loss, and increase physical health.

Dr. Jen Ashton previously told her co-hosts that she wants to take a break from it. She couldn’t stick to her promise. DeMarco poked fun at her during the segment. He said he “knew it wasn’t going to last.” The trio has gotten comfortable with one another in recent weeks.

Last week, he cracked a joke that Jen finally showed up to work. She was slammed by fans for taking too many lavish vacations. Dr. Jen Ashton has even admitted that her trips have contributed to her fresh looks. It’s the reason why the physician has taken so much time off.

What are your thoughts on Dr. Jen Ashton being seen as a laughingstock as her co-hosts are coordinated? Do you think they should try matching each other one day? Sound off below in the comment section.

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