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Fans Praise New ‘GMA3’ Team Amid Firing Rumors

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Fans are in love with the new GMA3 team and their on-air chemistry. This comes amid the rumors that TJ Holmes and Amy Robach could lose their jobs soon. Earlier this month, reports surfaced about their future on the show. ABC hasn’t confirmed the news as of yet as they’re working out the legalities involved.

However, it’s looking more like it could be true. It seems like ABC is seeking more talent for its popular show. Another fresh face made her debut just last week. Fans have finally embraced the change after missing the co-anchors for the past few weeks. Keep on reading to learn more and see what the viewers have to say about their fill-ins.

Amy Robach [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

GMA3 fans are loving the chemistry

Chemistry is what got TJ Holmes and Amy Robach in trouble in the first place. The two were exposed for their alleged months-long affair. GMA3 fans want replacements who have more friendly chemistry between them. They’re loving the on-air chemistry among new co-hosts Rosci Diaz, DeMarco Morgan, and Rhiannon Ally.

She joined the duo on Friday’s broadcast of Good Morning America. Rosci also interacted with Dr. Jennifer Ashton on the broadcast. Rhiannon took to Instagram to praise the new team and fans agree. They had a lot to say about the trio. She posed with Rosci and DeMarco after the show.

Rosci Diaz, DeMarco Morgan, and Rhiannon Ally [Rhiannon Ally | Instagram]
[Rhiannon Ally | Instagram]
“Thankful to be around people with such good souls,” Rhiannon Ally captioned her Instagram post.

Here are just some of the fan comments:

  • “The Three Amigos.”
  • “Demarco needs to be permanent. He’s got a fabulous personality and I love the chemistry he has with his co-hosts.”
  • “You work so well together.”

Does ABC plan to fire TJ Holmes & Amy Robach?

This comes amid the reports that ABC made a decision about TJ Holmes and Amy Robach. Some outlets reported that they’re preparing for a legal battle. They feel that they’ve been suspended from GMA3 for far too long. The duo wants to get back on the show and plans to fight for their jobs back.

Other reports suggest that they are not returning to GMA3. This would allow room for the new co-hosts to join the third hour of the morning show permanently. Last week, Rosci announced that she was joining the talk show, which was received well by viewers.

Rosci Diaz On Good Morning America [Rosci Diaz | Instagram]
[Rosci Diaz | Instagram]
Fans can look forward to seeing more of her on the show. What are your thoughts on the new GMA3 team? Are you loving the on-air chemistry with Rhiannon, DeMarco, and Rosci? Or, do you still want TJ and Amy to come back to the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news surrounding the scandal involving GMA3.

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