Christine Brown Continues Pressuring Her Fans To Pay Up

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Sister Wives fans are calling out Christine Brown as she continues to pressure fans into paying for her recipes. The reality star was slammed by fans for promoting her paid subscription content and many called it unaffordable. So, why is Christine asking fans to pay for her recipes? Plus, how much does her subscription cost? Keep reading to find out the details!

Christine Brown Wants Fans To Pay For Her Cooking Videos

On Friday, the mother of six showed off a delicious pretzel she made in her previous live video on Instagram. Talking about the pretzel, the reality star even took a bite out of the delicious goodness to show how amazing the recipe was. She captioned the post, “What will we cook together next? Now when I say, ‘click the link below,’ what I really mean is click the ‘subscribe’ button in my profile.”

Christine Brown TLC Sister Wives Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

However, fans who love to watch Christine Brown cooking weren’t super thrilled about paying for the same. One fan wrote, “I support you but cannot afford yet another subscription for $4.99.”

Another supported her stating, “She has to make money too! I am sure she has bills to pay and her home, groceries, etc…”

Sister Wives Fans Ask Christine To Start A YouTube Channel

A third suggested Christine start a YouTube channel and make money while keeping it free for her fans. They explained, “It’s a shame if she wants to be paid she needs a YouTube channel where it’s free for us, and ads and companies that sponsor her pay her…She is taking advantage of us or TLC is 1…I can get discovery plus for 1 more and watch 24hrs a-day programming and all 17 seasons of Sister Wives.”

Christine Brown TLC Sister Wives Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

A fourth fan showcased their disappointment at how many of the Sister Wives stars are now resorting to this method to earn money. With a high chance of the TLC show being canceled, the TV stars are looking for an alternate source of income. While Christine Brown is trying to earn via her cooking videos on Instagram, Meri is being bashed for her crazy expensive weekend retreat at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

Meri Brown Bashed For Super Expensive Retreat

As per the inn’s official website, the retreat will take place between February 16 and February 19, 2023. Customers interested in the retreat can choose between three packages priced between $4000 and $6000. The mother of one was previously bashed by fans during Thanksgiving for her retreat costing between $4500 and $6400. The price depended on whether the customer wanted VIP treatment or not.

Meri Brown Lizzie's Heritage Inn

[Source: Lizzie’s Heritage Inn]

Apart from Christine and Meri, Gwendlyn Brown has also launched a Patreon account and YouTube account. Another one of Christine’s daughters, Mykelti has also launched a paid subscription offering on Patreon.

What do you think of Christine Brown charging fans for her cooking videos on Instagram? More so, are you a subscriber? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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