Tenley Molzahn, Ben Higgins Almost A Couple?

Bachelor Nation star Tenley Molzahn is talking about how she and Ben Higgins almost dated after meeting in 2015. This is nothing new, there have been several couples that started when contestants from different seasons met.

Molzahn first came onto the scene as the second to last left standing on Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor. She then found Kiptyn Locke on Bachelor Pad’s first season. They dated for almost four years. Now she’s talking about the chemistry she and Ben had when they met. Ben had been eliminated in week 8 of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season. He then met Tenley at the Men Tell All. 

Tenley Molzahn Hoped He Wouldn’t Be The Bachelor

According to US Weekly, Tenley said, “we definitely flirted and talked on a daily basis. And I was hopeful that he would end up not being the Bachelor.” She wanted to pursue something with him but knew there were rumors of him being the new lead.

Tenley Molzahn, Instagram
Tenley Molzahn, Instagram

Molzahn said she also got weird text messages from producers during the time he was rumored to be the lead. She said Ben had asked if she would come on his season. She’d told him no and that he could pursue her if it didn’t work out, but she wasn’t coming on the show. Tenley made sure to say it wasn’t a case where he led her on. Plus, there was a lot of back and forth and he included her in his journey. They became close friends and she felt they were moving toward something more substantial.

The last time she spoke to Ben, they were eating and she asked him, “are you good?” She knew if he wasn’t with someone that he would tell her. He said, “yeah I’m really good.” She knew that meant he’d found someone. At that time, he was secretly engaged to winner Lauren Bushnell. They had their own spin-off reality show and fans loved them together. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out and they split two years later. He eventually married Jessica Clarke. Molzahn said when he said he was good, she knew it was over. She cried to her dad and told him she needed to move on.

Ben Higgins Set The Bar High

Tenley Molzahn said Ben set the bar high for her future relationships. More so, she said she was grateful for that because she added his traits to her list. When her husband Taylor Leopold showed up he had everything she was looking for. Now she’s loving being a mommy to a sweet girl she shared tons of Instagram pictures and videos of.

Tenley Molzahn, YouTube
Tenley Molzan,, YouTube

What do you think about Tenley and Ben almost being a couple? Things could have been a lot different for both of their journeys. Comment with your thoughts down below.

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