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Janelle Brown Gives Better View Of Gabe’s New Haircut

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Janelle Brown has taken to social media to give a better view of her son, Gabe’s new haircut. Furthermore, she is sharing the reason behind his new look. Though she gave a sneak peek, the mother of six promised she would be back with more on his chopped locks. Now, Janelle is sharing all about it as well as more of an in-depth look at his short style. Read on for more details.

Janelle Brown Gives Better View Of Gabe’s New Haircut

A few days ago, Janelle Brown showed off her son, Gabe’s new haircut. He came to help her get her stuck car out of the snow. Fans were taken aback as his normally shoulder-length locks were now shorn and shaved. He looked extremely cleaned up and professional. Janelle promised that she would be back with more details and now she is showing a video of his transformation. Additionally, she is explaining why Gabe chose to cut off his hair in the first place.

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Janelle Brown took to her Instagram and made a reel of Gabe going from long to short. Initially, he is seen with his long locks, drinking something and toasting to what is about to happen. Then, he is in the chair, with the stylist cutting very close to the root. As Janelle explained, Gabe’s hair had gotten long enough for him to donate. Therefore, that is exactly what he did. “Gabe decided it was time for a hair cut. He had enough to donate it to charity. I like his new fresh look 😍,” she wrote.

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Fans were quick to chime in with their thoughts on his new style. “Oh man, I loved his hair! But grateful he was I able to donate it,” one noted. Another added: “Much better I don’t like long hair on a boy or a man just my opinion.” A general sentiment was that they felt that Gabe was able to pull off the long hair but they loved his short hair.

A Tough Road

It’s great to see the evolution of Gabe as he has not had the easiest road. He and his father, Kody consistently butted heads over the pandemic protocols. Gabe believed that Kody did not properly prioritize the wives and kids properly. Furthermore, he struggled when Christine exited the family as she helped to raise Janelle Brown’s kids. Finally, it was a horrific blow when Kody called Gabe to ask about his experience with Covid. That would have been fine had it not been Gaebe’s birthday and Kody had not forgotten. Fans consistently have been rooting for Janelle’s children as they are good eggs and are doing well in spite of Kody.

What do you think of Gabe’s new look? Do you agree with Janelle that it looks great? Plus, are you proud of him for donating it? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. I love the haircut and the reason you grew it long in the first place… to donate the hair to help others. what a beautiful and thoughtful way to give from the heart. I have watched the show for years and I have seen so much hurt and confusion in so many eyes, I just want to say I am proud of the woman and children who stand up for themselves. never give up on your dreams or yourself. As sad as it is to see a family break apart, some times it is necessary. God Bless each of you, follow your heart.

  2. I love the new look and the reason he did it . So proud of your mom she raised some wonderful kids with the help of Christine when you were younger. You should be proud she stands up for ya and doesn’t let Kody talk mean to many of you or herself.

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