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Is Whoopi Being Replaced By ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay?

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Whoopi Goldberg could get replaced by Bachelorette alum Rachel Lindsay. This comes amid the ever-growing backlash against the moderator. Fans have called for Whoopi’s firing since last month. Now, some say she will get replaced by the ABC television personality. Keep on reading to learn more.

Rachel Lindsay returns to The View

This week, Bachelor Nation alum Rachel Lindsay made her return to The View. She was a co-host during Thursday’s live broadcast while Whoopi Goldberg was absent. Joy Behar sat in Whoopi’s seat and took on the role of moderator. She announced that Rachel would join them on Friday’s show as well.

The View Ladies [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
The studio audience politely clapped. Joy closed out the show as they gave their monologue. Rachel’s return to the daytime talk show has fans wondering if she will replace Whoopi Goldberg. It’s possible that the ABC talent is trying out the moderator role. This could be the show’s way of finding out how Rachel fits in with the panel.

Others think she could be replacing Sunny Hostin, who has also been absent from the talk show. One fan of The View created an online poll on Twitter. They asked fans if they think Rachel Lindsay is “auditioning” for Whoopi Goldberg’s role.

“Please tell me @Sunny’s absence is temporary & Rachel Lindsay is NOT auditioning for her seat at the table!” one fan wrote.

“Having Rachel Lindsay on The View could be the only reason I tune in for more than 3 seconds,” a second fan added.

Whoopi Goldberg continues to get backlash

Whoopi Goldberg returned to The View with the panel earlier this month. She came on the heels of a recent backlash. The actress promoted her new film Till in an interview with The Times UK. She brought up the comments she made about the Holocaust and the Jewish community on the daytime talk show last year.

Those comments led to Whoopi’s two-week suspension in February 2022. This time, fans are calling for her firing since she doubled down on those comments. She mentioned that Jewish people were split on being a race or a religion. She also explained the comments she made at the time of the incident.

Rachel Lindsay [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Meanwhile, Whoopi Goldberg is counting her lucky stars. She continues to get movie roles despite her controversial comments. She also promoted her Sugar Plum Ballerinas book series on Instagram. Whoopi is grateful to have new opportunities despite the backlash against her.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Rachel Lindsay could replace Whoopi Goldberg? Do you think she’s a good fit for the panel? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Oh no, if this happens I will stop watching. Whoopi has become such a key element of that show and this would simply be a travesty. Rachel is not anywhere near Whoopi’s caliber and she doesn’t have the experience to deserve that role. Besides that Rachel lost much of her popularity due to her role in Chris Harrison’s exit of the Bachelor franchise….her ability to overcome that is questionable. Please tell me this not going to happen.

  2. Your Producers are backstabbing with your long-time co-hosts. This shoe is supposed to be about individual’s views and you should be supporting their job instead of being so debasing when they make an error — ESPECIALLY when they have repeatedly & heartfully apologize — not punished with with weeks off to suffer under undeserved criticism for doing the job you hired them to do. Whoopi Goldberg made you millions and this is how you show her gratitude giving you years of high ratings?? SHAME ON YOU!!
    Consider me done with your show. If Rachel Lindsay is smart, she’ll refuse being part of your “Easy Come, Easy Go strategy when you feel threatened by low ratings when the Co-Hosts YOU HIRED behave like themselves and Public Opinion means more to your Producers than supporting your breadwinning Co-hosts. You are the real lovers in this scenario!!

    1. Correction to my previous comments on replacing Whoopi Goldberg with Rachel Lindsay… my final comment should read:

  3. Time has changed. And something’s remain the same. Why have a talk show. That’s not news worthy? Where you have to bite your tongue, to keep from stepping on someone toes?.Even if you replace her. she will move on with no lost. And you will lose some viewers.

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