Audrey Roloff Shares Most Disturbing Video Yet, Fans Appalled

Audrey Roloff- YouTube

Little People, Big World fans are appalled after seeing Audrey Roloff share the most disturbing video yet. The former TLC star often gets backlash over the content she shares on Instagram. But fans think her most recent clip is at another level. What did Audrey post? What are fans so upset about? Keep reading to get all of the details, and scroll down to check out the strange video that has everyone talking.

Though Jeremy and Audrey left LPBW several years ago, they are still active on social media and share regular posts there to allow fans to keep up with them. Being in the public eye means that they receive a fair amount of praise and criticism. No matter what she does, Audrey Roloff takes the heat for how she raises her children or how she lives her life.

Audrey Roloff- YouTubeAudrey Roloff- YouTube

Audrey Roloff gives fans a glimpse into her life.

Thanks to Instagram, fans often get to see what Audrey and Jeremy’s family is up to. The couple now has three young kids, Ember, 5, Bode, 3, and Radley, 1. This week on her Instagram Stories, Audrey posted a new video, giving everyone a peek into her everyday life.

The clip she shared is a recording she took from the video baby monitor. In the video, all three of the kids are hanging out in Radley’s crib. Audrey Roloff admitted, “When you need to shower… everyone in the crib.”

As the kids played in the crib together, things got a little rough. Ember stepped and jumped on her brothers a couple of times. You can check out the video below to see what all went down.

LPBW fans are appalled by this recent video.

On Reddit, fans are discussing Audrey Roloff’s latest video, and it’s left many of them disgusted. Many are wondering why all of the kids were in the crib. After all, Ember is five and easily could have colored, read, or played independently while Audrey took a quick shower. Others are curious to know why Ember treats her brothers like this and plays so roughly.

LPBW fans made it clear that they aren’t blaming five-year-old Ember for her actions. They are more upset that Audrey Roloff watched this happen via the baby monitor and didn’t interfere. They are also perplexed and want to know why she would share something like this with her 1.6 million followers

One fan said, “Also the fact that she sat there and filmed this on her phone (looks like a baby monitor she’s recording) for at least these 36 seconds instead of going to tend to her kids is very upsetting.”

Another added, “Wait… She didn’t correct that one’s behavior when she saw it? She thought it was amusing and posted it to social media? Wtf!”

So, do you agree with fans that Audrey Roloff’s latest video is disturbing? Does it surprise you that she posted this for everyone to see? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest LPBW news.

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  1. Horrible mother. That kind of behavior from Ember needs to be corrected. With the age and weight difference between her and the youngest she could easily KILL HIM playing that rough. This is one of those videos that needs to be sent to Child Protective Services. She left her baby in danger and recorded it instead of stepping in. I usually DESTEST mom shamers but this woman needs to be shamed if only for the safety of her social media props – I mean children. There is the exact same age difference my younger sister and I as there is between Ember and the baby. I can’t imagine my mom allowing me to act like that to my sister. She actually parented though and didn’t make her living grifting on the internet so there is that difference.

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