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Mykelti Padron Shows Off Amazing Weight Loss After Twins

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Sister Wives star Mykelti Padron has had an amazing body transformation after the birth of her twins. The 26-year-old welcomed her twin sons with her husband Tony Padron on November 17, 2022, in a cesarean birth. Yet, the mother of three has lost a lot of weight flaunting her new look on social media. So, how has Mykelti Padron managed to lose weight even after having twins just months ago? Keep reading to find out the details!

Mykelti Padron Admits She Doesn’t Get Good Sleep

Mykelti Padron has struggled with weight issues for quite some time. However, she has managed to lose weight this time without even trying. Yet, fans wonder how it is possible, especially after one has given birth to twins. On Instagram, the TV star shared the details of how she has gotten her postpartum body back. She shared a selfie wearing a turquoise green top as she smiled at the camera.

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In the caption, she wrote, “Over two months postpartum and I’m feeling tired. Overall okay and generally happy. But goodness ow so tired. I’ll get 3-5 hours of sleep a night, not together. I love my baby boys so much, but if they wanted to sleep a solid 8 hours I wouldn’t complain.”

In the comments section, Tony Padron complimented his wife and said, “Hot mama!”

A curious fan asked the couple, “Do you each take turns sleeping and caring for the twins?”

Mykelti Padron Needs Coffee To Get Through The Day

Another mentioned the pink elixir which Christine and Janelle are often seen holding and claiming that it is a slimming beverage that aids weight loss. They wrote, “Pink Drink is the answer!!”

Answering the fan’s question, Mykelti answered that she does drink it and it helps her stay active throughout the second part of the day. However, she insisted that she can’t give up her coffee and loved it too much.

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A third fan questioned Tony’s involvement in handling the twins as they asked, “Isn’t dad a stay-at-home parent? He can’t do the nights so you can be rested?”

Mykelti Padron replied, “I breastfeed my boys. I could wake up and pump a bottle for him to feed them, but that seems anti-intuitive. He does wake up and help me though when I need it.”

Tony Padron Is A Stay-At-Home Dad Since 2020

Tony Padron has been a stay-at-home dad which has been great. He left his job as a banker in order to start a full-time career as a gamer. In July 2020, the father of three confirmed via an Instagram post that he is starting a new chapter in his life.

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Do you think Mykelti Padron gets help from Tony regarding the kids? Plus, what do you think of Mykelti Padron’s astonishing weight loss? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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