Kristin Cavallari Confirmed Tyler Cameron Outing Was Date?

Kristin Cavallari and Tyler Cameron via YouTube 1

Did Kristin Cavallari confirm her outing with Tyler Cameron on New Years Eve was a date? New information is popping up about the photos and video of them looking really comfy together on New Years Eve. There have been plenty of rumors about these two in the past as well. What is Kristin saying? Keep reading to find out more.

Did Kristin Cavallari confirm she was on a date with Tyler Cameron?

US Weekly shared what Kristin Cavallari said that makes it seem like she did just confirm she was on a date with Bachelor Nation hottie Tyler Cameron. These two have raved about one another in the past. However, they both always claimed to be just friends. Now, everyone is wondering again if there is something more going on between Kristin and Tyler.

Rumors flew when Jason Tartick shared photos and video from New Years Eve which featured Tyler and Kristin partying and getting cozy together. Neither of them commented back then but now, it seems Kristin just confirmed they were as more than friends.

Stephen Colletti got real with Kristin and asked who the last person she went on a date with was. She said, “It’s so funny to me how I get all of these questions every time and you get, like, the simplest stuff.” Kristin continued, “My last date was public, so if you really wanna know, I guess you can Google it.”

He continued prodding her and asked her for a date so he could search better. She said, “It was New Year’s Eve weekend.” Stephen then pointed out she was getting flustered which she denied.

Jason Tartick had also questioned Tyler

There was another video posted in the early hours of the new year in which has since been deleted in which Jason Tartick asks Tyler why he is in Nashville and if he is single. Tyler avoided the questions.

Fans have thought for some time that there is an attraction between Kristin and Tyler. Other than her recent comments, nothing has been officially confirmed by either of them.

Rumors first started flying when Kristin had Tyler do a promo for her in which they were passionately kissing. At that time they said it was just for the promotion.

Kristin Cavallari and Tyler Cameron via YouTube

What do you think? Are Kristin and Tyler officially dating now? Do you think they make a good couple?

Stay tuned for more updates on all your Bachelor Nation faves.

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