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Don Lewis Family Breaks Silence: Traumatized By Carole Baskin’s Lies

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The Don Lewis family has broken their silence following recent reports that Carole Baskin’s ex-husband was no longer missing and not dead. As Tv Shows Ace reported this morning, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement to TMZ after an interview of Carole Baskin from 2021 resurfaced that featured her claiming her ex-husband Don Lewis was alive and living in Costa Rica. During the interview, the Netflix star claimed to receive a letter from the Department of Homeland Security informing her that her ex-husband was alive. Now, Carole explained that the timing of the letter happened just as Season 2 of Tiger King was being released by Netflix.

Unsurprisingly, Don Lewis is a sensitive topic for his loved ones. He was reported missing on August 18, 1997, and he was classified as an “endangered missing adult.” In 2002, with authorities no closer to answers on where he was or what happened to him, he was declared dead. Those who have followed the story can only assume it has been difficult for the Don Lewis family to cope with the fact that he’s missing and has been declared dead without ever getting any answers to what happened.

So, how did the Don Lewis family feel with headlines started swirling with claims that he wasn’t dead and was living a full life in Costa Rica?

Don Lewis Family Breaks Silence: Traumatized By Carole’s Lies

According to TMZ, the Don Lewis family has been traumatized all over again after the 18-month-old interview of Carole Baskin claiming her ex-husband was alive and chilling on a beach on Costa Rice resurfaced. A representative of the family, Jack Smith, tells the outlet that Don Lewis’ daughters strongly believe that their father has passed away. So, it has been especially triggering for them to deal with the resurfaced reports claiming he’s alive. Jack said the family wanted it to be clear that reports he is alive are bogus and unfounded.

In light of these bogus reports, Dons’ daughters have received phone calls from both strangers and distant family members congratulating them on their father being located and alive. This has caused them to relive a lot of painful memories. TMZ goes on to remind the interview with Carole making this claim is far from new and the family had previously gone down the road of looking for him in Costa Rica following the claim.

Don’s oldest daughter, Donna, reportedly did travel to Costa Rica to look for her father. But she was unable to find him there.

Carole Baskin - Today Show - YouTube
Carole Baskin – Today Show – YouTube

Dons’ daughters said: “While we would certainly welcome the good news of our Dad being found alive, it’s just simply not true.”

There is nothing his family, especially his daughters, want more than the good news of finding him alive somewhere. They, however, have a hard time believing he could willingly be alive in the world without making an effort to get back to his family.

Hearts all over the Internet break for this family as they hold on to hope they’ll one day have answers on what happened to Don Lewis.


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