Astrid Loch Shares Pregnancy Update

Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt via Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise fan favorite Astrid Loch is giving fans a pregnancy update. She went to social media to share news that she and husband Kevin Wendt have gone through all the steps to have their second baby together. Astrid just underwent IVF and is hoping that what she shared with fans is the beginning of her second pregnancy. Keep reading to find out more.

Astrid Loch shares exciting update with fans

BIP couple Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt recently made their relationship official and married after having multiple delays due to Covid. They have struggled with fertility issues in the past and their first son was conceived via IVF. Now, Astrid shared they are trying it all again and hoping for baby number two.

Kevin Wendt via Instagram

Astrid went to Instagram to share her huge news with fans. She shared photos and even a video of her and Kevin’s embryo being placed inside Astrid. She wrote, “not a pregnancy announcement (yet) but today was transfer day so we’re holding our breath and keeping our fingers crossed.” Astrid continued her post saying, “last time this all felt much harder to share, there was so much more fear. but you guys have been an incredible community so this time I’m taking you along for the ride. first pic is little embryo chilling. pic 2 & 3 are a glimpse at the meds and injections, and the last video is the moment our embryo was transferred. now we wait #ivf #ivfjourney #infertility.”

She immediately got well wishes from fans and fellow Bachelor Nation alums.

She shared thanks

Astrid shared that she is overjoyed with the support and well wishes she is receiving from everyone. She wanted to say that there are so many going through fertility struggles and there is nothing wrong with them. Astrid wants everyone going through these struggles they are not alone. She said some couples just have to work a little harder than some and that’s okay.

She also said this time around feels easier than the first time which was very scary. Astrid said everyone was so supportive before that this time she’s taking everyone along for the ride.

If the embryo attaches and Astrid is pregnant, this will be the second baby they’ve conceived via IVF.

Everyone is sending well wishes and positive vibes to Astrid and Kevin.

What do you think about Astrid’s big update?

Stay tuned for more updates as she shares them.


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