‘MAFS’ Season 16 Spoiler: Who Stays Married On Decision Day?

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MAFS Season 16 Nashville is underway and fans have been watching the wedding’s play out. As these couples meet each other for the first time, fans are already wondering who will stay together come decision day. Those who want to know are in luck because one fan site on Instagram has shared what everyone is dying to know. Keep reading to find out who, if any of these couples stay married on decision day. Warning! Spoilers ahead!

MAFS Season 16 spoilers, who chooses to remain married?

Married at First Sight Season 16 just premiered this month and fans are already anxious to know if any of the couples survive come decision day. The couples on this season of MAFS are Mack & Domynique, Airris & Jasmine, Chris and Nicole, Clint and Gina and finally Shaquille & Kirsten. An account on Instagram is wonderful about providing fans with spoilers as the season plays out on television. The big spoiler about who remains married on decision day was finally released last night.

MAFSfan shared that out of these five couples, only one decides to keep working on building their marriage. That couple is Chris and Nicole. It was also revealed that Chris and Nicole are still together and married as of today.

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Just to refresh everyone on these two, Chris moved to Nashville from Chicago and is hoping the experts can match him up with his perfect person. He is ready for marriage and seems like he will spoil and be patient with Nicole.

Nicole is from New York and decided to make a change from what she describes as toxic environment and even more toxic dating scene. She is a talker and will definitely keep Chris on his toes. They are both dog people and appear to be a perfect match.

Some of the issues this season

While all the couples seemed ready for this experiment, when it came down to the wedding there were some obvious questions. One of those couples was Shaq and Kirsten. She was obviously not attracted to him when they met at the altar. Time will tell what happens with these two.

Plus, this season will feature a weird twist in which one of the husbands will make an indecent proposal to a wife that is not his. So far it’s not been revealed which husband and wife this involves.

MAFS Chris and Nicole via YouTube

Next week, fans will see the couples head out on their honeymoon.

What do you think about Chris and Nicole being the only couple to stay married?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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