Who Inherits Graceland Amid Lisa Marie Presley’s Sudden Death?

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Elvis Presley’s only daughter Lisa Marie Presley passed away due to cardiac arrest at the age of 54 and now fans wonder what will happen to her Graceland property. Before her death, the singer/songwriter was the sole owner of her father’s property which was turned from a home into a beautiful museum. Given that the Lights Out singer already sold about 85 percent of her father’s estate in 2004, now only 15 percent is left. So, who will legally inherit the remaining property after Lisa’s death? Keep reading to find out the details!

Graceland Is The Final Resting Place Of The Presley Family

Spread over 13.8 acres, Graceland is a Memphis, Tennessee-based estate that was owned by Elvis Presley and was then passed down to Lisa Marie. Apart from being the final resting place of Elvis himself, the property also contains the graves of his parents, paternal grandmother, and grandson, Benjamin Keough. It also contains a memorial to Presley’s stillborn twin brother. Now, Lisa Marie Presley will be buried in the same place.

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In 1982, the property was opened to the public as a house museum and later it was listed in the National Register Of Historic Places. In 2006, Graceland was declared a National Historic Landmark and attracted 650,000+ visitors annually. The property offers ticketed visits for guests who wish to see legendary artist Elvis Presley’s legacy. This includes Elvis Presley’s:

  • Jumpsuits
  • Classic car collection
  • Racquetball center
  • Trophy building
  • Business office
  • Meditation garden
  • Personal home

Danny Keough Will Also Fight For The Twins’ Custody

Now, the fate of Graceland has been revealed after Lisa Marie Presley’s death. The Tennessee estate will now be inherited by her three daughters, Riley Keough, Harper, and Finley Lockwood.  While the property dispute is sorted, there is the matter of custody of the twins looming around as well. As reported by TMZ, the twins’ biological father, Michael Lockwood, isn’t the only one gearing up to fight for custody.

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Apart from Lockwood, the twins’ stepfather, Danny Keough will also attempt to file for custody. He was living with the family at the time of Lisa’s death. Also lined up for the custody battle are Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie’s eldest daughter Riley Keough. Danny and Lisa’s son Benajmin died due to suicide in 2020. Soon after, the latter sold her home and moved in with her ex-husband.

Danny Keough And Lisa Marie Presley Were Good Friends

The duo have been good friends and stood by each other through difficult times. During this time, the twins stayed with Danny Keough and they saw him as their father figure. Now, fans feel the twins might lose a father in the custody battle if both Lockwood and Keough fight for custody.

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What do you think of Lisa’s daughters inheriting the Graceland property? And do you think the custody battle will take a toll on the twins? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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