What Will Todd & Julie Chrisley’s Daily Routine Be Like In Prison?

Julie and Todd Chrisley via YouTube

Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd and Julie Chrisley reported to federal prison to begin their lengthy sentences for bank fraud and tax evasion. Now that they are both behind bars, fans wonder what these reality television stars will be doing. What will their daily routine be like in prison? Keep reading to find out what is known.

Todd and Julie Chrisley behind bars

In Touch Weekly shared all the details behind how Todd and Julie Chrisley will spend their days in prison. Their representative shared that the couple had reported to their respective prisons to begin their sentence. So, what will their days be like? Todd will be serving his sentence at FPC Pensacola where he is expected to spend 12 years.

His days will be filled with various duties which could include, working in the library, laundry, housekeeping, and even landscaping. Meals will be served at 11 am and 4:30 pm each day. Following his day of work he will be allowed to read, watch television, play games and sometimes even enjoy a movie night. However, these fun times can only be enjoyed until the 10 pm lights out protocol.

Todd and Julie Chrisley/YouTube

Since Todd isn’t a violent criminal he is being held in a minimum security facility. This means they have some freedoms that other prisons probably do not. The inmates are allowed to enjoy outdoor sports such as softball, soccer and even basketball. They also have gyms so they can maintain their physical fitness and also have a stress release option.

Plus, Todd can also use his time to learn a skill or even further his academic knowledge.

Visiting Todd won’t be too difficult for his children. He is allowed up to five visitors at a time on the weekends.

Todd Chrisley - youtube

Julie Chrisley is serving time in Kentucky

Julie was going to be spending her time in a Florida prison as well. However, that changed and she is at Federal Medical Center (FMC) Lexington in Lexington, Kentucky. She also has the opportunity to learn new things and participate in sports and other activities during her seven year sentence.

Visiting schedules are different than Todd’s and depends which part of the prison Julie has been assigned. However, just like Todd’s she will be granted five visitors at a time.

Julie Chrisley - YouTube

She will no doubt also be given tasks throughout the day including the opportunity to work in the Federal Prison Industries’ UNICOR program.


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