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Sarah Hyland Reacts To Chris Harrison Comments

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Modern Family alum Sarah Hyland is reacting to comments made by Chris Harrison in regards to her husband hosting The Bachelor. Chris launched his new podcast recently and shared his thoughts on who he thinks wanted to be the new host and who should have been the new host. What did Sarah have to say? Keep reading to find out more.

Sarah Hyland reacts to Chris Harrison comments

Entertainment Tonight shared what Sarah Hyland had to say about comments made by Chris Harrison on his podcast. During his premiere podcast he mentioned Wells Adams and his thoughts on Wells taking over hosting duties for The Bachelor. She admitted to not being sure what Chris had said but mentioned that she did know he had reached out to Wells. He wanted to give Wells a heads up that he discussed him in the podcast.

She said, “I haven’t listened to it yet.” Sarah continued, “I think [Harrison] texted Wells about it, being like, ‘Heads up I talked about you in the second episode,’ but I don’t know what he said or anything.” Sarah wasn’t surprised that the comments made about her husband were not ill received. She noted that everyone loves Wells.

Wells Adam - Instagram
Wells Adam – Instagram

What did Chris say about Wells? He noted that there were several former alums who were after his hosting job. Out of them all, Chris believed Wells would have been the best suited for the job. He was actually shocked when the job wasn’t awarded to the beloved Bachelor in Paradise bartender. Throughout the podcast Chris never acknowledged Jesse Palmer getting the job.

Wells Adams, YouTube

Chris and Wells remain close

Chris and Wells remain close after Chris left The Bachelor franchise. He attended Wells and Sarah’s wedding and has nothing but praise for them both. Wells has also noted his close relationship with Harrison. He pointed out previously that it was Chris who first reached out to him to congratulate him on hosting Best in Dough on Hulu.

Wells has also always supported Chris and in the past has even noted that he knew Harrison would come back strong and do some exciting project. As it turns out that project is his new podcast.

Chris just released his third episode of The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever…With Chris Harrison. This is the first time he has spoken out publicly since he left the franchise after his controversial interview with Rachel Lindsay.

Chris Harrison and Wells Adams via Instagram
Chris Harrison and Wells Adams

What do you think about Sarah’s comments? Have you listened to Chris Harrison’s new podcast?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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