Is Jason Duggar In A Courtship? New Clues Surface

Jason Duggar - Instagram

Is former Counting On star Jason Duggar in a courtship now? New clues about his love life may have surfaced online this week, sparking rumors and speculation. Keep reading for all of the details and see what everyone is talking about.

Are any of the Duggar kids currently in courtships?

If you’re a Duggar fan, you may know that they have all been pretty quiet on social media lately. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar rarely post anymore, and many of their kids have stopped sharing photos and videos as well. Fans assume that this has something to do with Josh Duggar’s child pornography crimes and the backlash the rest of the family received.

Because the family is trying to lay low, they haven’t made too many big announcements lately. As far as fans know, no one is currently in a courtship. But it’s possible something is going on behind the scenes and the family just hasn’t shared anything about it yet.

Jason Duggar - Instagram
Jason Duggar – Instagram

There are several adult kids who are of courting age. Jason Duggar is 22 years old, so fans suspect he will be one of the next to enter a courtship if he isn’t already in one. Jana is 33 and James is 21. Johannah is only 17 years old, but she could be in the talking stages of a relationship at this point.

For now, fans are focusing on Jason and his potential courtship.

New clues surface about Jason Duggar’s potential courtship.

Recently, the Duggar family attended the wedding of Maddie Langdon. The Langdons are longtime friends of the Duggars, so this isn’t really a surprise. However, fans were interested in seeing pictures because Jason Duggar has been linked to Claire Langdon in the past. Several photos of the two have been circulating on social media. Below, you can see a group photo that was posted on Facebook. In the photo, Claire is standing in between Jana and Jason. They’re all three on the far right.

19 Scandals & Counting Facebook - Jason Duggar
19 Scandals & Counting Facebook – Jason Duggar

On Reddit, Duggar fans and critics are discussing the possibility of Jason dating Claire. Many are convinced that they are together at this point. One said, “Jason and Claire are definitely courting – 100%”

Another Reddit user added, “Jason has appeared in several photos with Claire Langdon and appears to be courting her. Although nothing [is] announced. Going to this wedding I would think makes it appear even more likely.”

Some are also talking about how she would be the second Claire Duggar in the family if they get married. Justin Duggar married Claire Spivey a couple of years ago.

Duggars in town for Claire Langdon’s sister Maddie’s wedding
by u/lillyarchive in DuggarsSnark

Right now, this potential courtship hasn’t been confirmed by the Duggar family, so there’s no way to know for sure if something is going on. If they actually are dating, there should be an announcement soon enough.

So, do you think that Jason Duggar might be in a courtship with Claire Langdon? Or do you think they are just friends? Will the Duggars announce any courtships soon? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more updates about your favorite TLC shows and stars.

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